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Jerry Brown Jr.

California Plans To Launch Satellite Initiative To Pinpoint Emitters

Gov. Jerry Brown announced the project, which will be a joint venture with Planet Labs, a commercial satellite imaging company.


1:08Sea turtle poking its head out of pool
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Study Says Even Single Piece Of Plastic Enough To Kill Sea Turtles

0:49ICESat-2's ATLAS system

NASA's New Space Laser Will Measure Polar Ice 60,000 Times A Second

0:48A Tesla roadster with a dummy driver named Starman floats in space
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SpaceX Signs 'World's First' Private Moon Tourist

0:57Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and wife MacKenzie Bezos attend the Amazon Studios Oscars Celebration in 2017
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Jeff Bezos Is Committing $2B To Homeless Families, Schools

0:52NASA's ADEPT system sits on a table
NASA Ames Research Center / Dominic Hart

NASA's New 'Umbrella' Could Help It Deliver Bigger Payloads

0:32A technician looks at a 3D printer
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Volkswagen Will Make 3D-Printed Auto Parts

0:46A cancer patient receives treatment
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Global Cancer Cases And Deaths Expected To Increase This Year

1:25Person looks at the screen display of the new iPhone XS.

Apple Reveals Its New Phones And A Heart-Monitoring Watch Feature

0:38Closeup of an iPhone in use
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Six Big Tech Companies To Testify To Congress About Privacy

1:03A person blows smoke from an e-cigarette
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The FDA Calls Teen Vaping An 'Epidemic,' Cracks Down On E-Cig Makers

1:36Two men in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina board windows of a business prior to Hurricane Florence's landfall
Getty Images / Joe Raedle

What Makes People Choose To Ride Out Hurricanes?

1:11Giant red Electronic Arts logo
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EA Is Reportedly Under Investigation In Belgium For Use Of Loot Boxes

0:54Google home screen on smartphone.
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Google Under Investigation For Location Privacy Practices In Arizona

4:30A smart fridge window.
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The Bottom Line: Can Blockchain Keep Gadgets From Spying On You?

2:28Smoke pours from the twin towers of the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001.
Robert Giroux/Getty Images

17 Years After 9/11, Thousands Are Still Sick From Its Toxic Dust

0:57Gov. Jerry Brown
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California Wants To Rely 100% On Renewable Energy By 2045

1:31Redwood trees pictured in Humboldt, California
Michael Balint / CC BY 2.0

It Would Take A Forest The Size of the US To Offset Its Coal Emissions

3:36Model of HIV Virus
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HIV Is Getting Harder To Treat. Could Another AIDS Epidemic Be Next?

0:38"InfoWars" host Alex Jones
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Alex Jones Is Now Permanently Banned From Twitter And Periscope

1:14Kids play in a park.
Paul Sableman/ CC by 2.0

Green Space May Improve Children's Memory

2:10Twitter CEOr Jack Dorsey testifies before the Senate Intelligence Committee
Getty Images / Drew Angerer

After Denying Former Requests, Twitter's CEO Testifies Before Congress

1:10Pharmacist counts OxyContin pills
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Maker Of OxyContin Is Helping Fund A Cheaper Overdose Reversal Drug

1:10A group of people participate in the Dubai Fitness Challenge at Kite Beach in 2017
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1 In 4 Adults Don't Move Enough, And That Raises Their Risk Of Disease

0:57Hand holding up a smartphone with car driving in background
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Low-Rated Uber Riders In Australia, New Zealand Could Be Banned

1:20Scans of a brain
Daniele Oberti/ CC by 2.0

Winter And Spring May Make Dementia Worse

1:02Patricia Espinosa and U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres
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UN Official Says World Not On Track To Avoid Catastrophic Warming

0:45Demonstrators protest the repeal of net neutrality rules
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California Sends FCC-Defying Net Neutrality Law To Governor's Desk

2:20A woman is moved on a stretcher after an opioid overdose
Getty Images / Spencer Platt

What Has Trump's Fight Against Opioid Addiction Done So Far?

1:05Grizzly Bear
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Federal Judge Halts Planned Grizzly Bear Hunts

0:42Twitter on a cell phone
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Twitter Is Cracking Down On Ads Linked To Hot-Button Political Issues