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Apple CEO Tim Cook

Jersey Offshore: Leaked Docs Highlight Apple's Tax Avoidance Maneuvers

The small island of Jersey has become a focal point for Apple's massive offshore tax structure.


10:22Ted Eagle Jr. dances at a July 4 powwow on the Cheyenne River Reservation
Newsy / Kevin Clancy

Revolt: A Tale Of Two Tribes

1:15Caribou graze in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Getty Images / U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Lawmakers May Soon OK Drilling In The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

1:15Astronaut on the International Space Station

Spending Too Much Time In Space Could Literally Mess With Your Brain

1:57EPA administrator Scott Pruitt and Donald Trump.
Getty Images

A New Climate Report Has Some Worried About The White House's Response

1:02A photo of Laika sitting in the craft that took her to orbit

Laika The Canine Cosmonaut First Orbited Earth 60 Years Ago

1:55Blood bag in hospital
rdelarosa0 / CC0

Treating Diseases With Young People's Blood??

1:00NASA animation of the hole in Earth's ozone
NASA Goddard Media Studios

The Ozone Hole Over Antarctica Just Did Something It Hasn't In Decades

1:03Promo for iPhone X Face ID

Apple Is Sharing iPhone X Face Data — And A Lot Of People Are Worried

1:29Getty Images / Christopher Furlong
Horologist Roman Piekarski adjusts the time on one of 600 antique clocks at Cuckooland Museum

We Shouldn't Turn Our Clocks Back If We Want To Save Energy

1:24Person plays game on Razer Phone.

This Smartphone Is A Shrunken-Down Gaming Laptop

1:03Concept image of the 2020 Mars rover

The New Mars Rover Has More Cameras Than Any Before It

1:22Great pyramid amid rubble
Jarek Grafik / CC0

Scientists Found A Secret Chamber In The Great Pyramid

1:07A Publix Supermarket pharmacy manager counts out the correct number of antibiotic pills to fill a prescription.
Getty Images

US Officials Accuse More Drugmakers Of Overcharging For Certain Drugs

2:38Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
Getty Images

For Civil Rights Groups, Facebook's Problems Go Beyond Russia

1:11A rendering of the sun's magnetic field

How To 'Listen' To The Eerie Sounds Of Space

1:14Facebook site on a computer screen
Getty Images

126 Million People May Have Seen Russian-Linked Content On Facebook

1:17Volcano releasing smoke at sunset
Natalia Collegova / CC0

Climate Change Might Make Effects Of Major Volcanic Eruptions Worse

5:58Al Gore attends a press conference for "An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power."
Getty Images / Matthias Nareyek

Al Gore Has A Lot To Say About Rural America And Climate Change

1:16A box of Tylenol, which contains acetaminophen, is displayed for a photograph
Getty Images / Scott Olson

How Strong Is The Link Between Acetaminophen Use And ADHD?

1:09People walk near India gate amid heavy dust and smog
Getty Images

Carbon Dioxide Levels In The Atmosphere Hit A Record High In 2016

1:31Two-headed dog
Gunter Weib / CC by 3.0

These Real-Life 'Mad Scientists' Are Straight Out Of Science Fiction

1:52Apple executive Phil Schiller promotes the iPhone X
Getty Images

The iPhone X Starts At $999 — But Hidden Costs May Be Lurking

0:45Bears Ears National Monument
Getty Images

Trump Reportedly Plans To Shrink 2 Utah Monuments

1:01Fentanyl displayed at a drug bust press conference
Getty Images

A Pharmaceutical Company Is Accused Of Starting An Opioid Scheme

1:05MMR vaccine vile
Getty Images

Measles Deaths Fell Below 100,000 For The First Time In 2016

1:14Robot Sophia talks to the United Nations about artificial intelligence
United Nations Photos / Manuel Elias

This Country Just Became The First To Give A Robot Citizenship

0:59Twitter Logo

Twitter Doesn't Have As Many Monthly Users As Previously Reported

0:57Pope Francis call the International Space Station from the Vatican
Instagram / Pope Francis

The Pope Calls Space And Gets Deep With Astronauts

1:37President Donald Trump hakes hands with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie at discussion on opioids
Getty Images / Sean Thew

Why The Opioid Crisis Wasn't Declared A National Emergency

1:07Digital image on a mammogram
Getty Images

New Gene Mutations For Breast Cancer Discovered