PlayStation 4 controller

Sony Will Soon Let PlayStation Users Change Their PSN Online ID

‚ÄčThe company said it will begin testing the new feature in the coming months.


2:01A hacker takes part in the Seccon 2016 final competition in Tokyo, Japan.
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Privacy Groups Urge Congress To Create New National Privacy Law

0:53The U.K.'s newly appointed suicide prevention minister, Jackie Doyle-Price
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The UK Now Has A Suicide Prevention Minister

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Google Pulls Out Of Pentagon's $10 Billion Contract Contest

1:24Air above a coal-fired plant in West Virginia.
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Air Pollution May Up Your Chance Of Mouth Cancer

2:28A look at the Milky Way from West Virginia.
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Who Makes The Rules In Space?

1:02Facebook's logo on the exterior of a building
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Amid Privacy Fallout, Facebook Announces New Smart Home Device

1:03A pair of hens
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Californians To Vote On Making Egg-Laying Hens Cage-Free By 2022

1:25A coal-fired power plant in Germany
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Addressing The Dire Climate Straits Could Mean Leaving Coal Behind

0:58Apple logo on the exterior of the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in New York City in 2015
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Apple Denies Hacking Report In Letter To Lawmakers

1:18Air pollution and fog in Wuhan, China
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UN Warns Of Consequences If Global Warming Continues The Way It Is Now

2:20Mars Home Planet display during The Art of VR at Sotheby in 2017 in New York City.
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What Would It Be Like To Live On Mars?

0:37A bottle of the Human Papillomavirus vaccination
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HPV Vaccine Approved For Ages 27 To 45

0:58Twitter screen on smartphone
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Report: Majority Of Twitter's 2016 Fake News Accounts Still Active

1:03People walk along the Naples Pier i
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Popular Beaches Reopen As Florida Struggles To Deal With Red Tide

0:51Aphids on a rose bush
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Scientists Concerned Over Program That Enlists Bugs To Spread Viruses

1:02Teen uses Juul e-cigarette

Juul Files Complaint Against Other E-Cig Makers For Lookalike Products

1:17Simone Groper receives a flu shot at a Walgreens pharmacy on January 22, 2018 in San Francisco, California.
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Living In A Big City Can Change How And When You Get The Flu

1:35A panoramic view of Saturn as photographed by Cassini
NASA / JPL / Space Science Institute

What Cassini's Final Descent Into Saturn Taught Us About Its Rings

0:40Workers pack and ship orders at an Amazon fulfillment center
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Amazon Cuts Some Pay Incentives As It Raises Minimum Wage

3:02A woman receives a flu shot.
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Daily Dose: How Do Experts Predict How Bad A Flu Season Will Be?

0:47Facebook signage
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Facebook Under Investigation By Ireland's Data Watchdog After Breach

0:52Someone's hands reach for a hamburger

About 37 Percent Of Americans Eat Fast Food Every Day

0:53General Motors displays an autonomous vehicle during a press conference in 2016 in Detroit, Michigan
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Honda Joins Forces With GM To Create A New Self-Driving Car

1:16Woman at doctor
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Study: Sexual Assault, Harassment Linked To Health Problems In Women

0:43An astronaut in space
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Traveling Into Deep Space May Be Bad For The Gut

A smartphone displays a test alert message
Federal Emergency Management Agency

Why We Need A Nationwide Cell Phone Alert Test

2:19Person holding smartphone
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Young Users Run Social Media, And That May Be Bad News For Facebook

5:27Key Yu Wang mows a lawn
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This Chinese-American Community Is Empowering Adults With Disabilities

3:18A spoon full dried mealworms seasoned with an African rub of cinnamon, coriander, pepper and other spices.
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What Does It Take To Get People To Eat Bugs For Lunch?

1:08Young person uses a Juul e-cigarette

FDA Seizes Thousands Of Documents From E-Cigarette Maker Juul