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Technician mixing cancer drugs

A Blood Test For Common Cancers Could Be In The Works

The researchers hope to keep the price around $500.


0:54Little Ripper rescue drone
Surf Life Saving NSW

Robomedic? This Drone Might've Just Saved A Life

1:32A map of global temperatures in 2017

As Expected, 2017 Was One Of The Hottest Years On Record

1:23Nintendo Labo piano.

Nintendo's New Kid-Focused Project Is Made Out Of ... Cardboard?

1:07The Perseid meteor shower as captured on August 12, 2013, in Cathedral Gorge State Park, Nevada
Getty Images / Ethan Miller

Meteorites Can Sell For A Lot — If You Can Actually Find One

1:18Hurricane Maria makes landfall over Puerto Rico

Climate Threats Are Expected To Increase In 2018

1:25Skier on the slopes
IOC/Jason Evans

Olympic Records Will Be Harder To Break As We Reach Physical Limits

0:59Apple data center expansion.

Apple Says It's Investing $350 Billion In The US Economy

1:23Patient gets a flu shot
Getty Images / Mario Tama

CDC Confirms First 'Widespread' Flu Activity For Whole Continental US

1:30New York City skyline at night
Igormattio / CC0

Experts Predict What The World Will Look Like In 2050

0:53Disney sign outside a store
Getty Images

Disney, Facebook And Twitter Are Having Trouble Avoiding Conflicts

1:42Two elephants graze in Tarangire National Park in Tanzania
Andrey Filippov / CC BY 2.0

Wildlife In Protected Areas Can Often Become Casualties Of War

1:20A Google advertisement for its voice assistant at CES 2018
Getty Images

Voice-Sensitive Tech Dominated CES — Even With Its Security Drawbacks

1:05Marijuana plants

Pot Farms Could Be Hurting Animals And The Environment In California

1:51A scale model of the James Webb Space Telescope

What's Taking NASA's James Webb Telescope So Long To Launch?

0:41People walk past a Facebook logo
Getty Images

What You See On Facebook Is About To Change

0:31Artist concept for future Mars missions

Newly Discovered Martian Ice Could Be Good News For Future Astronauts

0:27Image showing where ice deposits are located
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Scientists Find Deep Deposits Of Ice Below Martian Surface

Getty Images

FDA Is Trying To Keep Cough Medicines Containing Opioids From Kids

1:07A patient receives a flu shot
U.S. Department of Defense

Why It's So Hard To Get A Flu Vaccine Right

:38A visual representation of the digital cryptocurrency bitcoin
Getty Images

Bitcoin Plunges As South Korea Plans Cryptocurrency Ban

0:34Logan Paul
Getty Images

Here's How YouTube Is Punishing Logan Paul

1:19People in the streets after mudslides
Mike Eliason / Santa Barbara County Fire Department

California's Devastating Mudslides Are A Product Of Historic Wildfires

0:28Flu patient
Getty Images

The Flu Nearly Reached Epidemic Levels This Season

:31New York City skyline
Getty Images

New York City Is Suing Major Oil Companies Over Climate Change

1:16Byton's concept electric SUV

Electric Car Batteries Are About To Charge Faster And Last Longer

0:37Offshore drilling platform
Getty Images

Trump Administration Won't Allow Offshore Drilling Near Florida

0:56Green sea turtle
Getty Images

Scientists Say Too Many Sea Turtles Are Born Female — Here's Why

0:42Falcon 9 Rocket
Getty Images

SpaceX Says Its Rocket Performed As Planned Amid Lost Satellite Rumors

0:50FCC open meeting
Getty Images

States Are Introducing Their Own Net Neutrality Protections

1:13Falcon Heavy rocket on launch pad

What To Know About SpaceX's Falcon Heavy Rocket Before It Launches