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Voters wait in line at a polling station

The Supreme Court Could Change The Length Of Your State's Voter Rolls

It's against the law to kick someone off voter rolls because they don't vote. One organization says the state of Ohio is doing just that.


0:55New Jersey lawmakers meet
Office of Sen. Robert Menendez

Bipartisan Lawmakers Ask For Ocean-Drilling Exemption For Their State

0:55Mitt Romney
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Speculation Of A Mitt Romney Senate Run Keeps Growing

1:14DACA supporter rally
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In Tweets, Trump Suggests A DACA Deal Is Unlikely

:54"Dreamers" protest to pass DACA legislation
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The Federal Government Is Again Accepting DACA Renewal Applications

0:33Chelsea Manning
Twitter / @xychelsea

Chelsea Manning Files To Run For US Senate In Maryland

1:29Protesters outside Supreme Court building.
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The Supreme Court Just Added A Third Gerrymandering Case To Its Docket

1:24Protesters condemn Trump's alleged "shithole countries" statement.
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African Union, Others Respond To Alleged 'Shithole Countries' Comment

0:40Trump rides golf cart.
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Trump's Doctor Says He Is 'In Excellent Health'

0:47President Trump
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Trump Gives The Iran Deal One Last Lifeline

0:50Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen
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WSJ: Trump Lawyer Arranged $130,000 In Hush Money For Porn Star

0:44U.S. Ambassador to Panama John Feeley
U.S. Embassy in Panama

US Ambassador Steps Down, Says He Can't Work 'Faithfully' For Trump

1:07U.S. President Donald Trump
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Trump's 'Shithole Countries' Slur Sparks Moves To Impeach, Censure

0:47Sen. Dick Durbin and President Donald Trump
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A Senator Who Was There Insists Trump Said 'Shithole Countries'

0:54U.S. President Donald Trump
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Nations Respond To Trump's Reported 'Shithole Countries' Comment

0:47President Donald Trump
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Trump Says His Words Were Tough But He Didn't Say 'Shithole' Nations

1:03President Donald Trump talks to the media
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Trump Cancels Visit To London, Blames Obama For 'Bad' Embassy Deal

0:42Homeless man in Los Angeles
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Trump Administration To Give $2 Billion To Fight Homelessness

0:59President Trump
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Report: Trump Refers To Some Countries As 'Sh*thole' Nations

0:41President Donald Trump
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The Government Talks Differently About Climate Change Under Trump

1:01Trump holds listening session.
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President Trump Takes On Prison Reform Efforts

3:03The statue of liberty and healthcare symbol.
Getty Images / Andrew Lawler

Want To Fix America's Health Care Costs? Fix Everything Else First

0:39Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin
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Treasury Dept. Releases New Tax Withholding Guidance For Your Paycheck

0:43Prescription drug disposal
U.S. Air Force

In A First, VA Hospitals Release Data On Opiate Prescription Rates

0:49Senators discuss immigration.
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DACA Deal Or No Deal? Reports Are Mixed

:40House floor empty
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The House Says 'No' To The FISA Amendment

:38Doctor examines a patient
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States May Have New Work Requirements For Certain Medicaid Recipients

:34Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and U.S. President Donald Trump
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Canada Files Complaint Focusing On US Trade Policies

:55People protest repeal of DACA
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House Immigration Bill Addresses DACA And A Border Wall

0:35"Dreamers" protesting at U.S. Capitol
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CEOs Of Major Companies Tell Congress To Protect 'Dreamers'

0:59Oil rig
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After Florida Exemption From Offshore Drilling, Others Want One, Too