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Sens. Mark Warner, Robert Menendez, and Sherrod Brown

Three Senators Want To Know Why There Aren't More Russia Sanctions

Last year, President Trump signed some mandatory Russia sanctions into law. But three Democrats say the administration hasn't followed that law.


1:03Robert Wilkie
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Trump Taps Robert Wilkie To Head VA

2:05U.S. Border Patrol agents body search undocumented immigrants from Central America
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The Number Of Jailed Immigrants Is At A Record High — And Rising

1:00Pro-choice advocates and anti-choice advocates abortion rally outside of the Supreme Court.
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Trump Administration To Effectively Ban Abortions At Some Facilities

1:08Police and protesters clash in New York City
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Don't Let This Alarming Statistic About Officer Assaults Mislead You

1:19A U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer
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Does A Year In ICE Custody Truly Cost 4 Times A Year In Public School?

0:46President Donald Trump
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Trump Donates First-Quarter Salary To Veterans Affairs Department

1:10President Donald Trump
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Trump Seems To Threaten North Korea Not To Cancel Summit

1:03Rep. Mark Meadows
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Republican Holdouts Could Torpedo Critical Agriculture Bill

1:07Special counsel Robert Mueller
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Mueller Hands Over Memo Outlining The Scope Of His Investigation

1:45President Donald Trump shakes hands with U.N. Secretary-general António Guterres
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President Trump's Meeting With The Head Of The UN Could Get Awkward

1:18ZTE logo
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House Subcommittee Takes Steps To Keep Sanctions On ZTE

0:48Gina Haspel
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Senate Approves Gina Haspel To Be The Next Director Of The CIA

1:02Central American immigrant child with border patrol agent in back ground
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HHS Reportedly Considers Housing Immigrant Children On Military Bases

1:21President Donald Trump speaks during a White House meeting
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Trump Clarifies 'Animals' Comment, Says It Was About Gang Members

0:40President Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani
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Giuliani Says Robert Mueller Knows He Can't Indict President Trump

2:41A mother and child, 3, from El Salvador await transport to a processing center for undocumented immigrants.
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Separating Families Caught At The Border: Rhetoric Or Real Policy?

0:57Facebook is displayed on a laptop screen.
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Democrats Aren't Happy With White House's Move To Cut Top Cyber Role

1:32Special counsel Robert Mueller on Capitol Hill.
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Mueller Investigation: One Year Later, What Do We Know?

0:38CIA director nominee Gina Haspel
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Senate Intelligence Committee Gave Gina Haspel's Nomination Thumbs-Up

1:15Donald Trump Jr.
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Transcripts Detail Trump Jr.'s Testimony On 2016 Russian Meeting

0:47Felix Ehrat.

Novartis Top Lawyer Is Stepping Down After Cohen Payments

0:56Computer lab
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Trump Wants To Modernize The Government's Antiquated IT Systems Faster

0:58U.S. Capitol
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Senators Reportedly Close To Finalizing Sexual Harassment Legislation

0:38Paul Manafort
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Judge Denies Manafort's Motion To Dismiss Some Of Mueller's Charges

0:48Pregnant woman's belly
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Lawsuit Aims To Stop Iowa's Abortion Law From Going Into Effect

0:46Gina Haspel
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Haspel Says CIA Interrogation Program Was A Mistake

6:56Chelsea Manning

Chelsea Manning On Prison, ICE And Freedom

1:54A woman at a voting booth
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20 Women Will Face Off In Competitive Pennsylvania Primaries


Chelsea Manning On Whether Governments Can Keep Secrets

0:51Scott Pruitt.
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Scott Pruitt Asked For 24-Hour Security As Soon As He Took Office