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The White House

White House Staffers Reportedly Signed Nondisclosure Agreements

The Washington Post reports senior staffers ultimately signed the confidentiality agreements after deciding they likely weren't enforceable.


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Trump's Opioid Plan Includes Death Penalty For Some Drug Dealers

0:35Russian President Vladimir Putin
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Vladimir Putin Wins 4th Presidential Term

0:38Special Counsel Robert Mueller
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Trump's Personal Lawyer Says Mueller's Investigation Should Be Stopped

0:51Andrew McCabe
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Mueller Reportedly Has Memos McCabe Wrote About His Talks With Trump

0:51Facebook logo
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Facebook Suspends Account Of Firm That Helped Get Trump Elected

0:45John Kelly, Donald Trump
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John Kelly To West Wing Staff: Don't Worry About More Firings

1:52Street sign diplomacy is common throughout countries around the world, as it's an easy way to score political points.
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Street Sign Diplomacy: How Countries Use Street Signs To Troll Rivals

3:21People standing outside Catholic church at Manzanar Relocation Center, California 1943
Adams, Ansel

Preservation Of US Japanese Internment Sites In Peril?

0:43A FEMA banner
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FEMA Scrubs Mentions Of Climate Change From Its Strategic Plan

0:31Rep. Louise Slaughter
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US Rep. Louise Slaughter Dies At Age 88 After Fall

0:45U.S. Vice President Mike Pence and Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar
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Mike Pence Reportedly Asked For A Closed Event With Ireland's PM

0:43Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin
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Mnuchin Racked Up Nearly $1M Bill On Taxpayer-Funded Military Flights

0:45H.R. McMaster
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White House: H.R. McMaster Isn't Getting Fired

0:53Robert Mueller
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New York Times Reports Mueller Subpoenas Trump Organization

0:51Power lines and wind turbines generating electricity
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Officials Warn Russia Is Targeting The US Energy Grid

0:29Russian flag.
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Trump Administration Announces New Sanctions Against Russia

0:58Rep. Adam Schiff
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Democrats Aren't Giving Up House Intel Probe On Russian Meddling

0:42President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
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Trump Reportedly Says He Made Up Facts In Meeting With Justin Trudeau

1:02Stephanie Clifford, better known as Stormy Daniels
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Another Trump Lawyer Was Involved In The Stormy Daniels Legal Battle

2:35Conor Lamb, the apparent congressman-elect for PA-18.
Newsy Staff / Luke Piotrowski

Conor Lamb Pulls Out Apparent Victory In PA: A 2018 Midterms Omen?

4:41Chance Seales and Judy Kurtz

Dream Jobs: Judy Kurtz, 'In The Know' Columnist At The Hill

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House Of Representatives Easily Passes Bill To Address School Violence

0:32Larry Kudlow.
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Trump Will Reportedly Name Larry Kudlow As His Top Economic Adviser

0:38Texas flag
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Court Says Texas Ban On So-Called Sanctuary Cities Can Stand For Now

2:50Voters in Pennsylvania's special election
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The 'Silent Majority' Isn't Always Silent — Just Ask Nixon Or Trump

0:46Conor Lamb
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Lamb Claims Win In Pennsylvania Race That's Too Close To Call

0:39Conor Lamb, left, and Rick Saccone
Conor Lamb for Congress, Saccone for Congress

Pennsylvania Special Congressional Election Too Close To Call

1:30President Donald Trump
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Trump Says Governor Is Doing 'A Terrible Job' During California Visit

0:48U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May and U.S. President Donald Trump
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Trump Says Russia 'Must Provide Answers' On Chemical Attack In UK

4:09Greene County official Scott Kelley
Newsy Staff / Luke Piotrowski

Paper Ballots Are More Of A Placebo Than A Cure For Election Meddling