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0:51Child and mother reunited
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Judge Says ACLU, Government Must Reach Agreement On Reunifications

0:59Muslim pilgrims in Mecca, Saudi Arabia
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Qatar Accuses Saudi Arabia Of Barring Its Citizens From The Hajj

0:46Afghan President Ashraf Ghani
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Afghanistan's President Calls For Cease-fire With Taliban

0:53Coal-fired power plant
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EPA Proposal Would Roll Back Standards Meant To Curb CO2 Emissions

0:34Don McGahn
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White House Counsel Don McGahn Is Reportedly Cooperating With Mueller

0:54Erik Prince, Blackwater founder
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Privatization Of Afghan War Not Under Consideration, NSC Says

0:48Help Wanted sign
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Youth Unemployment Is Down, But So Is Labor Force Participation

0:45Former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan
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Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan Dies

0:41bomb from Yemen

CNN: Bomb That Hit Yemeni Bus Of Children Was US-Made

0:52John Brennan
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Former CIA Officials Criticize Trump For Revoking Brennan's Clearance

0:46Facebook on a computer screen
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HUD Accuses Facebook Of Discriminatory Housing Ads

0:42K2 drug
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New Haven, Conn. Is Struggling With A Rash Of K2 Overdoses

1:02Football players kneeling during the national anthem
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ESPN Won't Televise The National Anthem Before Monday Night Football

0:47Migrants in Europe
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Germany And Greece Agree On Migrant Relocation Deal

0:54Syrian flag
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US Will Stop Funding Stabilization Efforts In Syria

0:47U.S. President Donald Trump and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at NATO summit
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Turkey Again Refuses To Release American Pastor As Tensions Rise

0:59Bruce Ohr
U.S. Army

Trump Might Take Away Bruce Ohr's Security Clearance. So, Who Is He?

Paramount Pictures

Today's Horror Films Are Hitting Too Close To Home

1:28A military parade in China
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Military Parades Are A Global Go-To Tactic To Show Off Strength

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US Sanctions Myanmar Military Officials And Units

0:56Flooding in Kerala, India
Office of Chief Minister of Kerala

Hundreds Dead As Indian Tourist State Faces Unprecedented Flooding

1:00A group of firefighters stand in single file.
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New Forest Service Plan Aims To Alleviate Wildfire Problem

0:44Ted Cruz speaks to a crowd.
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Ted Cruz Claims Opponent Wants To Abolish ICE. Is That True?

0:41Attorney General Jeff Sessions
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AG Tells Immigration Judges To Move Through Deportation Cases Quicker

1:17The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints temple in Salt Lake City, Utah
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Don't Call It The 'LDS' Or 'Mormon' Church Anymore

0:50Pakistan's Imran Khan
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Pakistani Lawmakers Elect Imran Khan As Next Prime Minister

1:00President Donald Trump
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Trump Cancels Previously Delayed Military Parade Amid Rising Costs

3:01Football Practice
Video Blocks

How #MeToo Is Changing How Men Cope With Sexual Trauma

0:51Retired U.S. Navy Adm. William McRaven
U.S. Air Force

Retired Navy Admiral Asks Trump To Revoke His Security Clearance

0:51Detroit Lions players kneel during the national anthem
Getty Images

The President Claims Most NFL Game Money Goes To Players — It Doesn't