Licensing FAQ

Newsy's work is copyright-protected in all its forms, including video, audio, graphics, photographs and text (the Newsy "Work"). The following guidance addresses frequently asked questions regarding the manner in which you may or may not use Newsy Work.

You may:

  • Use a limited amount of the Work for personal, unpublished, noncommercial and nonexclusive purposes (such as printing a transcript or downloading a video as a personal reference);
  • Show Newsy Work in a school classroom for noncommercial educational purposes on a limited, one-time basis;
  • If Newsy provides an embed code for one of its videos, you may use that code to embed Newsy Work on a blog post or website, so long as your use doesn't imply that Newsy is affiliated with you or endorses you or your products or services;
  • Link to Newsy Work, so long as your use doesn't imply that Newsy is affiliated with you or endorses you or your products or services; or
  • Use short pieces of Newsy Work for applications addressed by the U.S. fair use exception; for example, in a newscast that provides commentary on a Newsy Work.

You may not:

  • Edit or alter Newsy Work;
  • Closely mimic Newsy Work and/or publish, distribute or sell your own competing version;
  • Imply that Newsy is affiliated with you or endorses you, your organization or your products or services;
  • Use Newsy Work for a commercial purpose, such as in an advertisement for a product, services or political candidate;
  • Use Newsy Work in conjunction with your fundraising efforts;
  • License, sublicense, distribute, redistribute or transmit Newsy Work without Newsy's permission;
  • Sell or otherwise monetize Newsy Work;
  • Use Newsy's copyrighted or trademarked materials (i.e. Work, logos or slogans) except in cases mandated under the fair use exception, such as commentary.

Let's discuss:

  • Please contact Newsy via the licensing inquiry form below to discuss permissions for the following situations:
  • To discuss rights to republish our audio, video or transcripts (in whole or in part), including applications such as documentaries, presentations, books, etc.;
  • To show or display any Newsy Work at a public event;
  • To use Newsy Work in formal course materials such as college-level online learning modules, government training courses or for-profit workshops;
  • Other scenarios not specifically addressed in this FAQ.


Licensing Inquiry Form

To request a license for Newsy Work, please submit the following form.