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North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un

Trump Administration Sanctions Target China, Singapore And Russia

The Treasury Department accused one individual and three entities of illegally shipping alcohol and tobacco to North Korea.


1:07Former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva
Getty Images

Brazil's Lula To Register As Presidential Candidate From Jail

0:49National Security Adviser John Bolton
Getty Images

Bolton To Meet With Russian Officials As A 'Follow-Up' To Helsinki

0:39Flooding in Kerala, India
Office of Chief Minister of Kerala

Dozens Are Dead As Indian Tourist State Faces Unprecedented Flooding

1:12Turkish flag
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Following Electronics Boycott, Turkey Increases Tariffs On US Imports

0:58A People's Liberation Army guard stands in front of a billboard of Chinese President Xi Jinping
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Hong Kong Independence Activist Calls China An 'Empire'

0:46Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
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Israel Protests ICC's Decision To Ask Palestinians For Information

0:49One of Paris's new open-air urinals sits on the waterfront.

Paris Hopes These Open-Air Urinals Can Curb Public Urination

1:09Women protest in Tunisia
Equality Now / Chedly Ben Ibrahim

Tunisia's Push For Women's Rights Now Focuses On Inheritance Laws

1:06Migrant search and rescue ship Aquarius
SOS Méditerranée

Several EU Countries Agree To Take In More Than 200 Stranded Migrants

0:56Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
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Turkey's President Announces Boycott Of US Electronics

0:44Former Archbishop Philip Wilson
Catholic Archdiocese of Adelaide

Former Australian Archbishop Won't Have To Serve His Sentence In Jail

0:47People get gas in Venezuela
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Venezuela To Raise Gas Prices To Combat Smuggling

0:39Bridge collapse in Genoa, Italy
Italian State Police

Several People Dead After Highway Bridge Collapses In Italy

0:39A London police officer stands outside the Palace of Westminster
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Counter-Terrorism Officers Investigating Westminster Car Crash

0:42Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
Office of the Iranian Supreme Leader

Ayatollah Khamenei: We Will Not Negotiate With 'Sham Government'

0:42Damage caused by earthquake on Indonesian island of Lombok
Indonesia National Disaster Management Agency

Death Toll From Earthquake On Indonesian Island Continues Rising

0:45North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in
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North And South Korea Leaders To Meet Sometime In September

2:51Protest of neo-Nazi march in Germany
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Germany Is Now Allowing Nazi Symbols In Video Games

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UN Questions China About Muslim 'Re-education Camps'

0:45Palestinian protesters
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NPR: US Will Likely Cut Most Palestinian Aid Permanently

1:04Kim Jong-un
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North Korea Criticized Some US Officials, But Not Trump

1:26Turkish lira
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Trump's Tariff Tweets Add To Turkey's Economic Woes

0:46President Donald Trump
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Trump To Double Steel And Aluminum Tariffs On Turkey

0:48Aerial view of Argentina National Congress
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Argentina's Senate Votes Against Legal Abortion

2:07Crown Prince Of Saudi Arabia Mohammad Bin Salman
Getty Images / Alex Wong

What's Up With Saudi Arabia's Diplomatic Spat With Canada?

0:49Yemeni bus

Several Yemeni Children Killed By Coalition Airstrike

1:09Aftermath of a rocket attack in Israel
Israel Defense Forces

Missile Strikes Could Jeopardize Hopes For A Gaza Ceasefire

0:51Australian farmer surveys dried up land
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Australian Farmers Struggling To Keep Livestock Alive In Major Drought

0:48North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in
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North And South Korea Preparing For Leaders To Meet Again

1:13Mohammed bin Salman
Getty Images

Why Canada And Saudi Arabia Are Having A Diplomatic Feud Right Now