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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Donald Trump

US, Israeli Moves Could Complicate Two-State Solution

Trump said he may cut Palestinians' aid if they won't negotiate shortly after Israel's Knesset made it harder to give away Jerusalem in a peace deal.


1:49Aokigahara forest in Japan
Simon Desmarais / CC by SA 2.0

Before Logan Paul, Aokigahara Was Already Misrepresented In The West

0:52U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley
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US Says It Supports 'Completely Spontaneous' Iran Protests

1:06Kim Jong-un, SK Pres. Moon Jae-in
Getty Images, StimmeKorea via Facebook

Koreas May Reopen Talks After North Accepts South's Invite To Olympics

0:31A boy watches sheep in the Momand Valley on July 16, 2017 in Achin District, Afghanistan.
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US Service Member Killed, 4 Others Injured In Afghanistan

0:47President Donald Trump
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Pakistan Holds An Emergency Security Meeting After Trump Tweet

0:44North Korean military cadets hold North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il's flag.
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South Korea Proposes High-Level Talks With North Korea

0:44A plane flies overhead
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2017 Was The Safest Year Ever For Commercial Air Travel

0:45Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
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Iran's Supreme Leader Blames 'Enemies' For Deadly Protests

0:32Small plane crash wreckage in Costa Rica.
Costa Rica Ministry of Public Security

10 Americans Among 12 Killed In Costa Rica Plane Crash

0:56Protester in Iran filming protest, fire

As Many As 12 Iranians Dead As Protests Continue

0:55North Korea's Kim Jong-un.
Korean Central Television

Kim Jong-Un Seemed To Extend An Olive Branch To South Korea

1:14United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres
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​United Nations Secretary-General Calls For Unity In New Year

0:33Iranian President Hassan Rouhani
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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani Responds To Deadly Protests

1:00Tehran protests
Voice of America Iran

Dayslong Anti-Government Protest In Iran Is Largest In Nearly A Decade

0:58South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha
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S. Korea Seizes Second Ship Suspected Of Transporting Oil To N. Korea

0:47Anti-government protest in Iran
Voice of America

Thousands Rally Both For And Against Iranian Government

0:38U.S. satellite images of oil transfer from Chinese to North Korean ships
U.S. Treasury

South Korea Has Seized A Ship It Says Gave Oil To The North

0:47Aerial view of Washington, D.C.
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Hackers Took Over D.C. Police Cameras Before Trump's Inauguration

0:26George Weah surrounded by supporters
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Liberia's Election Marks Major Milestone For The Country

0:42Italian Parliament
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Italy Might Be In For A Pretty Contentious Election Next Year

0:48President Trump
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Trump Hits Out At China For 'Allowing' North Korean Oil Smuggling

0:42Person waves the flag of Turkey
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The US Says Visa Services Will Resume In Turkey After Dispute

0:33Officials in Kabul, Afghanistan
Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

More Than 40 Dead After Explosions In Afghanistan's Capital

1:30From left, Kim Jong-sik, Ri Pyong-chol and Kim Jong-un
KCTV, StimmeKoreas

What We Know About North Korea's Missile Experts Sanctioned By The US

6:31Palestinians celebrate as 15 Palestinian bodies arrive at the Palestinian parlement park
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Congress Looks To Take Down 'Pay For Slay' Program

1:00Chinese President Xi Jinping
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Amending China's Constitution May Grant Xi Jinping Even More Power

0:35Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Donald Trump
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Trump Could Get An Israeli Train Station Named After Him

0:55Wind turbines and power lines in Germany
Getty Images

Why Germany Sometimes Has To Pay People To Use Power


10 Injured In Explosion At St. Petersburg Grocery Store

1:03U.S. armed forces train during counter ISIS operations at Al Tanf Garrison in southern Syria
U.S. Army

Russia Accuses The US Of Supporting ISIS — Again