Virtual Reality

The HTC Vive Pro VR headset

HTC Debuts Shinier, More Expensive VR Headset

HTC's Vive Pro comes with better screens, but it's not likely to make any headway into the casual consumer market.

 | By Evan Thomas

A woman uses a VR headset

These Major Entertainment Companies Are Banking On Virtual Reality

AMC Entertainment led a $20 million round of financing for VR company Dreamscape Immersive.

 | By Casey Mendoza

People use VR headsets

Oculus Rift Price Drop Could Mean Tough Times Ahead For The VR Set

The Oculus Rift dropped in price for the second time this year — and that raises some questions about the VR set's future.

 | By Gabrielle Ware

A virtual reality therapy game

How Virtual Therapy Can Lead To Real-World Healing

Virtual reality headsets and cameras can supplement and in some cases even improve occupational therapy.

 | By Evan Thomas

Two women try Google Daydream VR

Google's Next Daydream VR Headset: A Stand-Alone Model

It'll also have WorldSense technology, which allows the wearer to move around inside the virtual space.

 | By Jake Jones

Capitola VR shows off a demo of "Pokémon Go" in augmented reality.

What's Next For Augmented Reality After 'Pokémon Go'?

"Pokémon Go" could be the key to augmented reality's success.

 | By Ben Lawson

A man wears a virtual reality headset.

Virtual Reality Could Bring Crime Scenes To The Courtroom

Researchers are exploring the possibility of using virtual reality in European courtrooms.

 | By Calvin Stovall

Ikea's VR kitchen remodel app shows options for changing cabinets.

Ikea Knows VR Is Good For More Than Just Gaming And Movies

Ikea launched a kitchen remodeling app for the HTC Vive headset.

 | By Leah Becerra

Microsoft's Hololens will let people communicate via hologram.

Microsoft's Holograms Bring Us One Step Closer To 'Star Wars'

Microsoft Hololens uses "holoportation" to beam a 3-D image of the wearer to someone elsewhere.

 | By Ben Lawson

A still from a Pornhub commercial advertising its virtual reality channel.

Pornhub Is Now On The Virtual Reality Bandwagon

Pornhub's new VR channel is free, and the site's giving away 10,000 Google Cardboard viewers to mark its debut.

 | By Matt Picht

A VR producer handles a waterproof camera rig for shooting 360-degree video.

A Stitch And Time: How Production Firms Are Making VR Movies A Reality

Making a virtual reality film is a lot harder than you'd think.

 | By Leah Becerra

Six Flags just announced virtual reality experiences to go with some of t's roller coasters.

Virtual Reality On Six Flags Roller Coasters Seems A Little Pointless

Six Flags will offer virtual reality experiences on some of its rides, but isn't the reality of a theme park good enough?

 | By Ben Lawson

Photo of McDonald's Happy Goggles.

McDonald's Is Making A Happy Meal Box That Turns Into A VR Headset

McDonald's locations in Sweden will offer the Happy Goggles for a limited time, but the promotion could see a wider release in the future.

 | By Ben Lawson

HTC's Vive earns its steep price, and sometimes doesn't.

The Case Against (And For) HTC's Pricey Virtual Reality Headset

HTC's Vive headset might seem expensive, but big price tags aren't unusual for a new industry, and these days, you do get a lot of tech per dollar.

 | By Evan Thomas

A Leap Motion's new hand tracking software Orion.

Leap Motion Wants To Put Your Hands Inside Virtual Reality

The new software/hardware combo, dubbed Orion, will let users reach out and touch their virtual reality.

 | By Matt Picht

Google might be working on a standalone headset that doesn't require a phone like Cardboard does.

Google Might Be Making A Stand-Alone VR Headset — But For Whom?

Google appears to be experimenting with the try-everything-and-see-what-sticks approach to virtual reality.

 | By Evan Thomas

The VR headset is just one part of the expense equation.

You Can Buy A PC From Oculus For VR, Or You Could Just Build One

Are pre-built PCs worth it? Short answer: Sometimes. Long answer: How comfortable are you with the idea of building your own computer?

 | By Evan Thomas

A man using Google Cardboard

Google Is Reportedly Making A New Smartphone-Powered VR Headset

Google is working on a new VR headset that works with a smartphone like the Google Cardboard. It could be a competitor to the Samsung Gear VR.

 | By Kaileen Gaul

An attendee inspects Google Cardboard during the 2015 Google I/O conference on May 28, 2015 in San Francisco, California.

Google's Cardboard Virtual Headset Seems Like A Hit; Now What?

Google is reporting an impressive number of people are using Cardboard, but it's hard to say what's next for the paper-based virtual headset.

 | By Ben Lawson

A woman uses the Microsoft HoloLens to sketch a 3-D figurine.

The Latest On Microsoft's HoloLens: Battery Life And Connectivity

A Microsoft rep speaking in Tel Aviv has shed some new light on the device.

 | By Matt Picht

A Google Cardboard headset

Google Has Ground To Make Up In The VR Industry

Google's decision to allocate staff and resources to virtual reality comes as competitors already have traction.

 | By Evan Thomas

A prototype Oculus Rift is displayed

The Oculus Rift Is Expensive, But (Hopefully) Worth It

Oculus VR is taking preorders for its virtual reality gaming console, Oculus Rift. It's expensive, but not much more than other consoles.

 | By Grant Suneson

An Oculus Rift Dev Kit 2

Oculus Rift Wins The VR Preorder Race

Preorders for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset start Wednesday, but all the details will stay under wraps until then.

 | By Evan Thomas

LeBron James Shows You A Day In The Life, Virtual Reality Style

Samsung released the video to promote its Gear VR headset. The 12-minute film shows fans how the Cleveland Cavaliers forward trains.

 | By Ryan Biek

Ancient Sites Are Being Digitally Preserved Thanks To New Technology

Researchers and activists are using new technology to help preserve some of the world's oldest cultural heritage sites.

 | By Ethan Weston

Samsung Isn't Having Any Trouble Selling The Gear VR

Samsung's attempt at mobile VR is on sale in the U.S., and it's already selling out at Amazon and Best Buy.

 | By Matt Picht

Comcast, Time Warner Join The Early VR Investment Party

Legacy media companies are making significant early investments in virtual reality on the assumption the much-hyped headsets will take off.

 | By Evan Thomas

Google Just Fixed Virtual Reality’s Content Problem

YouTube is rolling out new virtual reality capability, allowing users to watch VR videos with just a phone and a cardboard headset.

 | By Carter Woodiel

Here's Why The New York Times Is Handing Out VR Headsets

The New York Times is distributing a series of virtual reality films. Before it can do that, it's going to give away more than a million VR headsets.

 | By Mikah Sargent