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Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin, Queen Of Soul, Has Died At The Age Of 76

The singer leaves behind an extraordinary legacy.


0:45Aretha Franklin
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Aretha Franklin, Queen Of Soul, Has Died At The Age Of 76

3:13Recording artist Akon created his own city in Africa.
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Did You Know You Can Create Your Own Micronation?

0:44Department of Homeland Security
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DHS Funds Development Of Program For High School Trauma Training


Up For Debate: Should We Genetically Modify Food?

0:46New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo
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Cuomo Criticized For America 'Was Never That Great' Comment

1:47Jack Phillips
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Colorado Baker Is Going To Court Again After Refusing A Cake Order

0:46Overdose patient
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CDC Estimates A Record Number Of People Died Of Overdoses In 2017

0:47A road sign stands in front of land burned by the Carr Fire
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Officials Lift Evacuation Orders In Carr Fire

1:02Twitter app on a phone
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Twitter Is Reworking Some Features To Curb Hate Speech And False News

0:55DEA Chicago Special Agent in Charge Brian McKnight
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US And Mexico Step Up Their Joint Effort To Fight Drug Cartels

0:54Former CIA Director John Brennan
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The White House Revoked Former CIA Director John Brennan's Clearance

0:31North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un
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Trump Administration Sanctions Target China, Singapore And Russia

3:33U.S. Border Patrol agents take Central American immigrants into custody on January 4, 2017 near McAllen, Texas.
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Deported Parents Could Finally Reunite With 386 Left-Behind Kids

0:52Alex Jones
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Twitter Is Temporarily Cracking Down On Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones

0:50Contractor works to restore power in Puerto Rico
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Puerto Rico Restores Power To Almost All Of Its Residents

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More People Are Donating To Causes Ignited By Their Rage

0:39Sign for emergency phone in San Francisco
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US May Get A 3-Digit National Suicide Hotline Number

0:54Video of Baltimore cop punching a man

Former Baltimore Cop Charged With Assault After Video Goes Viral

1:11Press secretary Sarah Sanders
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Sarah Sanders' Claim About Obama's Black Job Creation Was Way Off

1:07Cathedral in Philadelphia
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Grand Jury Report Accuses More Than 300 Catholic Priests of Abuse

0:40Paul Manafort
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Paul Manafort's Defense Rests; Trial Advances To Final Arguments

0:47Dead fish on a Florida beach
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State Of Emergency Declared In Red Tide-Devastated Areas Of Florida

1:02Former White House aide and reality television star Omarosa Manigault Newman
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Trump Campaign Takes Legal Action Against Omarosa

2:47A Green Bay Packers fan and a Chicago Bears fan scream at each other.
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What Is Tribalism?

3:04Shipping Containers Preparing to Be Delivered
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The 'Right Way' To Do Trade Internationally May Not Always Be Obvious

0:34A firefighter tackles the Mendocino Complex fire in northern California
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Firefighter Dies Battling Largest Fire In California History

0:48West Virginia House of Delegates
House of Delegates

West Virginia Impeaches All 4 State Supreme Court Justices

0:44West Virginia House of Delegates
House of Delegates

West Virginia Impeaches 3 Of 4 State Supreme Court Justices

0:55Google logo.
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Some Google Apps Might Be Tracking Your Data Without Your Permission

0:48President Donald Trump signs legislation
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President Trump Signs $717 Billion Defense Authorization Bill