German couple in plain clothes

Classifying 'Middle Class' Is Messy Business

Pew says 52% of Americans are in the middle class down from 61% in 1971.


1:10Nurse checks patient's blood pressure
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US Adult Cancer Deaths Have Dropped, But Heart Disease Deaths Are Up

5:19Photographer taking a photo
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Dream Jobs: Photographer

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How One 2020 Candidate Wants to Help Veterans Get Medical Weed

1:24Michael Avenatti
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Michael Avenatti Charged With Stealing From Stormy Daniels

0:49White House exterior
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NY Bill Would Allow Charges Against People Who've Been Pardoned

1:03T-Mobile and Sprint store sit side-by-side in a strip mall
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Justice Department Might Sue To Block Sprint, T-Mobile Merger

1:13A Qualcomm office in California
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Judge Sides With FTC In Antitrust Case Against Qualcomm

1:00Michael Cohen, longtime personal lawyer and confidante for President Donald Trump
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Redacted Michael Cohen Warrants To Be Released Wednesday

1:15Migrants move through Mexico toward the U.S.
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DHS Says It's Sent 6,000 Asylum-Seekers To Mexico

0:54Flash flooding in Oklahoma
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Severe Weather Brings More Tornadoes, Heavy Rain To Central US

1:06The Department of Justice seal on a podium
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DOJ Offers House Intel Committee Mueller Info If It Drops Barr Threat

1:32Rep. Jerry Nadler speaks with Rep. Doug Collins

Political Theater Escalates As McGahn Skips House Judiciary Hearing

0:57Stacks of mail in USPS boxes
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USPS Tests Out Self-Driving Trucks For Mail Delivery

1:54Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer
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Investigation Finds ICE Misuses, Overuses Solitary Confinement

0:53United Nations sign
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UN Says US Needs To Make Safe Abortions Available For Women

1:27President Donald Trump
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Trump's Lawyers Appeal Judge's Refusal To Block Tax Subpoena

1:28Don McGahn
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Don McGahn Says He Will Not Appear Before House Judiciary Panel

1:25President Donald Trump
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US Grants Huawei 90-Day License Before Ban Takes Effect

1:16Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
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McConnell Introduces Bill To Raise Age To Buy Tobacco Products To 21

0:52Michael Cohen
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House Intel Committee Releases Michael Cohen Interview Transcript

1:57Juul products
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Study Says A Lot Of Juul's Twitter Followers Are Underage

1:12Lori Lightfoot at a podium.
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Lori Lightfoot Makes History As Chicago's First Openly Gay Mayor

22:34A father holds a young baby.
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Maternity Deserts

1:51Illustration of U.S. Senate building and man

More Lawmakers Are Talking About Impeachment. Here's How It Works

1:12Sprint, T-Mobile storefronts
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T-Mobile, Sprint Get FCC Chairman's Blessing For Merger

1:10Robert F. Smith.
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Billionaire Investor Pledges To Pay College Grads' Student Loan Debt

1:30A Boeing 737 MAX plane

Boeing Says It Fixed Flaws In Its 737 MAX Simulator Software

1:31A branch of Deutsche Bank
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Deutsche Bank Reportedly Dismissed Concerns About Trump Transactions

0:58President Donald Trump
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President Trump Says He Supports Abortion In Cases Of Rape, Incest

0:52Aircraft carrier
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US Warns Airlines Of Potential Risks Of Flying Over Persian Gulf