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Pope Francis

Pope Francis Is Trying To Make College Of Cardinals More Diverse

Pope Francis' list of new cardinals includes names from some parts of the world where Christians are a minority — like Iraq and Pakistan.


1:15American Airlines jet
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Rising Fuel Costs Could Affect Flights — From Airfare To Bathroom Size

0:51Cardinals in Vatican City
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Every Catholic Bishop In Chile Offers To Resign Amid Abuse Scandal

1:02Lava flow from fissure in eastern Hawaii
U.S. Geological Survey

One Person Has Been Injured In Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Eruption

0:35J.J. Watt
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J.J. Watt To Pay For Texas School Shooting Victims' Funerals

0:36Kilauea Volcano
U.S. Geological Survey

Kilauea Eruption Sends Ash And Lava Bombs Flying, Forces Evacuations

0:37Adm. Harry Harris
U.S. Department of Defense

Trump Nominates Harry Harris As Ambassador To South Korea

2:16Bruce Boynton
U.S. Civil Rights Trail

This Man's Defiance Helped Spark The Civil Rights Movement

0:37Puerto Rican resident surveys damage from Hurricane Maria
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FEMA Stops Working On Restoring Puerto Rico's Electricity

1:08A medical helicopter sits outside Santa Fe High School in Texas
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Texas Governor: 'We Need To Do More Than Just Pray For The Victims'

1:03Robert Wilkie
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Trump Taps Robert Wilkie To Head VA

2:05U.S. Border Patrol agents body search undocumented immigrants from Central America
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The Number Of Jailed Immigrants Is At A Record High — And Rising

0:52U.S. Capitol
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House Rejects Farm Bill After Freedom Caucus, Democrats Vote No

1:06Robert Mueller
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Mueller Reportedly Will Narrow His Questions If He Interviews Trump

0:40Shooting at Santa Fe High School.
Harris County Sheriff's Office

Texas School Shooting Suspect Has Reportedly Confessed

6:52Anna Stupnicka-Bando sits with Lila, the teenage girl she hid during WWII.

This Woman's Bravery In World War II Wasn't Known For Almost 50 Years

2:34A crowd with smartphones
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Want Better Sleep, Clearer Thoughts, Less Stress? Try A Digital Detox

0:59Paul Manafort
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Paul Manafort's Former Son-In-Law Reportedly Takes Plea Deal

1:08Police and protesters clash in New York City
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Don't Let This Alarming Statistic About Officer Assaults Mislead You

1:19A U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer
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Does A Year In ICE Custody Truly Cost 4 Times A Year In Public School?

0:56Detained undocumented immigrant in Arizona
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ICE Is Arresting More Undocumented Immigrants Without Criminal Records

0:48"Catfish" host Nev Schulman
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MTV's 'Catfish' Suspended After Host Is Accused Of Sexual Harassment

4:36Rooftop farming
Newsy / Megan Smith

Dream Jobs: Rooftop Farmer

0:432015 Ford F-150 at a factory
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Ford Is Restarting Production Of F-150 Trucks

0:49Justice Department seal
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Justice Department Will Reportedly Hire 311 New Prosecutors

1:50Whitney Houston singing at the Super Bowl
Getty Images / George Rose

New Whitney Houston Documentary Claims She Was Molested As A Child

0:34A school bus and dump truck collided on the interstate in New Jersey
Jay Faltings

2 Dead After School Bus Collides With Truck In New Jersey

0:50Woman returns home from food bank
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Study: 43 Percent Of Americans Can't Afford Basics Like Food, Housing

2:35A wedding dress
Katie Thomas / CC by 2.0

A Look At How And Why Child Marriage Still Happens In The US

0:48Gina Haspel
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Senate Approves Gina Haspel To Be The Next Director Of The CIA

0:56A two-week-old boy finds his feet in his new world.
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Number Of Babies Born In The US Dropped To A 30-Year Low