Latest in Terrorism

Latest in Terrorism

Damien Sanderson, left, and his brother Myles Sanderson.

Why Was Suspect In Canadian Stabbing Rampage On The Streets?

Myles Sanderson was released by a parole board in February while serving a a sentence of over four years on charges including assault and robbery.

 | By Associated Press

Teachers and students sit in a classroom in Afghanistan.

Afghan Teachers Are Finding Ways Around Taliban's School Ban For Girls

Teachers in Afghanistan are opening secret and mobile schools to continue education for young girls, though the Taliban have banned it.

 | By Clayton Sandell

Pallets containing a shipment of 9mm SUB2000 rifles await shipment to Ukraine at the KelTec gun manufacturing facility

Intel Officers, Analysts Urge Stronger Tracking Of Weapons To Ukraine

U.S. officials fear weapons sent to Ukraine could fall into the wrong hands.

 | By Sasha Ingber

Terry Gately

An American Escapes Russian Intimidation In Ukraine

An American held captive by the Russians during the Ukraine invasion was rescued after being held captive.

 | By Jason Bellini

Olena Zelenska, second from left, spouse of Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, walks out of the State Department

Ukraine's First Lady Olena Zelenska Makes Remarks To Congress

Olena Zelenska addressed a bipartisan group of lawmakers on Capitol Hill about Russia destroying the Ukrainian people.

 | By Jason Bellini

Iryna Dmytriyeva and her daughter Liza

Russian Missile Attack In Vinnytsia, Ukraine, Kills 23 People

At least 23 people are dead and18 are missing — four of them children — after a Russian cruise missile was launched from a submarine in the Black Sea.

 | By Jason Bellini

an explosion

Ukraine's New Rocket Systems Appear To Be Setting Russia Back

HIMARS, the U.S.-provided rocket system, is the star player as Ukraine for the first time hits Russia where it hurts.

 | By Jason Bellini

New Zealand Police Minister Chris Hipkins

New Zealand Designates The Proud Boys As A Terrorist Organization

The South Pacific nation also designated far-right extremist group The Base a terrorist organization.

 | By Associated Press

The accused Josef S. covers his face as he sits at the court room in Brandenburg, Germany

Germany: Former Nazi Guard, 101, Jailed For Aiding Murder

The man, who was identified by local media as Josef S., had denied working as an SS guard at the camp and aiding and abetting the murder of thousands.

 | By Associated Press

shopping mall hit by missiles

Ukraine Receives Same Defensive System That Protects The White House

The U.S will send Ukraine an advanced missile-defense system that can hit 72 targets at once, says a Biden administration official.

 | By Jason Bellini