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A scale model of the James Webb Space Telescope

What's Taking NASA's James Webb Telescope So Long To Launch?

The James Webb Space Telescope won't be launched until 2019. It has months of traveling and testing ahead.


0:41People walk past a Facebook logo
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What You See On Facebook Is About To Change

:38A visual representation of the digital cryptocurrency bitcoin
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Bitcoin Plunges As South Korea Plans Cryptocurrency Ban

0:34Logan Paul
Getty Images

Here's How YouTube Is Punishing Logan Paul

1:16Byton's concept electric SUV

Electric Car Batteries Are About To Charge Faster And Last Longer

0:50FCC open meeting
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States Are Introducing Their Own Net Neutrality Protections

1:32Security cameras on a pole outside of Tiananmen Square
Getty Images / Feng Li

China Is Putting Facial Recognition Tech On Millions Of Public Cameras

0:41Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos holds a Kindle.
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Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Is Now The Richest Person On Earth

1:20The HTC Vive Pro VR headset

HTC Debuts Shinier, More Expensive VR Headset

:45A person uses an Apple iPhone
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Apple Investors Want To Curb iPhone Addiction In Children

0:56Demonstrators gather to support net neutrality
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Tech Giants Including Netflix And Amazon Join Fight For Net Neutrality

1:06Donald Trump campaigns in Iowa.
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Twitter (Again) Announced It Wouldn't Block World Leaders

1:01A member of the media inspects the iPhone 6.
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Tech Giants Issue Fixes, Updates For Meltdown And Spectre Flaws

0:56Mark Zuckerberg walks outside
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Mark Zuckerberg's Goal For 2018: Do His Job, But Better

1:15Former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick
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Uber's Co-Founder Could Soon Become An Actual Billionaire

1:07Intel circuit board
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Here's What You Need To Know About The 'Meltdown' And 'Spectre' Bugs

1:12Google logo
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Google Faces Another Gender Pay Discrimination Complaint

1:22"Bright" promotional art
Netflix / "Bright"

Netflix Is Giving Its Poorly-reviewed And Expensive 'Bright' A Sequel

1:15Spotify logo
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Spotify's Latest Copyright Lawsuit Is For $1.6 Billion

0:45Peter Thiel
Getty Images

Peter Thiel's Venture Capital Company Is Apparently Big Into Bitcoin

0:55Charging iPhone

Apple Just Apologized For Its Battery Controversy

1:40A visual representation of bitcoins alongside US dollars
Getty Images / Dan Kitwood

Bitcoin Took A Wild, Volatile Ride In 2017

0:56Steve Jobs T-shirt.
Steve Jobs Inc

'Steve Jobs' Is ... An Italian Fashion Brand?

2:25Demonstrators rally outside the Federal Communication Commission building to protest the end of net neutrality rules
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How Getting Rid Of Net Neutrality Will Change The Way You Click

1:53Atlas robot in 2015
Getty Images / Chip Somodevilla

2017 Proved Clumsy Bipedal Robots Could Be A Thing Of The Past

1:17Twitter timeline

Twitter Is Too Big For The Library Of Congress To Archive

1:24Gamers play "World of Warcraft"
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'Gaming Disorder' Is Going To Be Classified As A Real Illness

0:40Haven app on phone.
Freedom of the Press Foundation

Edward Snowden's 'Haven' Turns Androids Into Portable Security Devices

1:04Bitcoin visual representation
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When Bitcoin Falls, So Does The Rest Of The Cryptocurrency Market

0:42iPhone 7 sits on a table
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People Are Suing Apple After It Admitted To Slowing Down Older iPhones

0:29Google official Eric Schmidt
Getty Images

Alphabet's Eric Schmidt To Step Down As Executive Chairman