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A drone helicopter captures another drone helicopter in a net

When Can The Government Bring Down A Drone?

Government agencies are trying to develop clear rules on when an agent can shoot down a dangerous drone, but the process could last years.


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
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Facebook Automatically Set 14 Million Users' Posts To Public

1:01The "Google" logo is projected on a man's face
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Google Won't Use AI For Weapons Or For Surveillance 'Violating Norms'

0:53Facebook news feed
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Facebook Says It's Creating Original News Programs

2:15New Apple iOS 12 digital health update

Apple's Tools To Manage Screen Time Are A Step In The Right Direction

1:49Screenshot of "Active Shooter" game.
Acid / "Active Shooter"

What Happens To Video Games That Mimic Real-Life Violence

2:02Protestors hold signs denouncing Facebook's data collection practices
Getty Images / Justin Sullivan

Facebook Collects Data On People Who Don't Even Have An Account

0:58Facebook app on a cellphone
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Facebook Defends Itself Against New York Times Report On Data-Sharing

0:54Apple CEO Tim Cook and iPhone customers
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Apple Is Trying To Get People To Use Their Phones — Less

0:41MQ-1 Predator drone
U.S. Air Force

Google Will Reportedly Stop Analyzing Pentagon Drone Footage

2:00An example of Locky ransomware is displayed on a computer
Christiaan Colen / CC BY-SA 2.0

Why Ransomware Is The Most Popular Tool For Cyberattacks

0:46Front sign at Facebook headquarters

Facebook Set To Eliminate The Trending Tab Next Week

0:52Amazon boxes on a desk
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Amazon To Block Australian Customers From Its International Websites

2:35Artificial intelligence exhibit
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AI 'Thinks' Using Deep Neural Networks, But They're Still A Mystery

1:02Facebook on a phone

Pew Survey Says Teenagers Are Signing Off Facebook

0:44Tesla Model 3

A Software Fix Made A Big Difference For The Tesla Model 3's Brakes

1:04An Xbox One controller is used.
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'Active Shooter' Video Game Pulled Amid Massive Backlash

Robert / CC BY 2.0

FBI Tells People To Reboot Routers, Warns Of Major Malware Infection

0:44A person uses the internet
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Nearly $9 Billion In Lawsuits Filed Under EU's New Privacy Rule

1:43Swallowable sensor
Lillie Paquette / MIT School of Engineering

Swallowable Sensor Could Test Your Gut And Send Results To Your Phone

0:59Facebook on phone and on computer
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Lawsuit Alleges Facebook Gathered Data Via Texts, Photos, Microphone

2:23Genetics research
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Is The Machine That Can Snip And Swap Our DNA Awesome Or Ominous?

0:59Amazon Echo device

An Amazon Echo Recorded A Conversation, Then Sent It As A Message

1:23The SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket lifts off from the Kennedy Space Center
Getty Images / Joe Raedle

Trump Signs Directive To Loosen Regulations On Space Commercialization

0:59The scene of a fatal Uber crash in Arizona

NTSB Releases Preliminary Report On Fatal Uber Crash In Arizona


Up For Debate: Preserve Net Neutrality?

0:50President Donald Trump
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Federal Judge Rules President Trump Can't Block Twitter Users

1:19Amazon sign with convention attendees
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ACLU Asks Amazon To Stop Selling Facial Recognition Software To Police

0:31Facebook website on desktop and mobile
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Facebook Asks Ad Buyers For Social Security Numbers

2:21Facebook logo reflected off of a user's eye
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A New EU Privacy Rule Is Changing How Facebook, Google Treat Your Data

0:37European Parliament President Antonio Tajani and Mark Zuckerberg
European Parliament

Zuckerberg Apologizes To European Lawmakers Over Facebook Scandals