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Facebook To Stop Using Phone Numbers To Suggest Friends

Facebook says it will stop using the phone numbers that users provide for two-factor authentication as part of its friend-suggestions feature.


1:46Amazon's Ring doorbell is seen on a house in Silver Spring, Maryland on August 28, 2019.
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How Your Holiday Tech Gift Could Compromise Other People's Privacy

2:35Family watches movies surrounded by Christmas decorations.

Hallmark's Premium Streaming Service Has Topped 900,000 Subscribers

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Twitter and Facebook Remove Hundreds of Fake Accounts

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French Watchdog Fines Google $166 Million For Unfair Ad Regulations

0:36Instagram app
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Instagram Bans Branded Content Promoting Vaping, Tobacco And Weapons

1:17"The Witcher" character readies for battle with swords
Katalin Vermes, Netflix / "The Witcher"

Can Netflix's 'The Witcher' Fill The 'Game Of Thrones' Gap?

1:15President Donald Trump
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Amazon Blames President Trump For Losing JEDI Contract

1:40Hudson Yards neighborhood in Manhattan
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Amazon To Lease Space In New York After Headquarters Plans Fail

2:30Actresses Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Anniston help introduce Apple TV Plus.

Which Streaming Services Came Out On Top This Year?

1:11The Facebook app logo is displayed on an iPad next to a picture of the Facebook logo on an iPhone
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Facebook Sues Chinese Company Over Alleged Hacking Scheme

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Uber Report Reveals Nearly 6,000 Sexual Assault Incidents In 2017-2018

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Instagram Now Requires New Users To Provide Their Age

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House Overwhelmingly Passes Bill To Combat Robocalls

2:37A proof-of-concept app that could help with the treatment of schizophrenia.
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Could Artificial Intelligence Help Patients With Schizophrenia?

0:58Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page smile prior to a news conference
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Google Co-Founders Step Down From CEO And President Roles At Alphabet

1:35Person types on a laptop
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FBI Warns Hackers Can Spy On You Through Your Smart TV

1:23Bottles of French Champagne for sale at a store
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U.S. May Tax French Goods; France Ready To Retaliate

1:29Mike Pompeo
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Pompeo Warns EU Countries To Stay Away From Chinese Firms For 5G

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YouTube And Google Reportedly Pulled More Than 300 Trump Campaign Ads

3:25Gamer BBXH fundraises for Save the Children
Save The Children

Video Game Charity Streams Are Basically Modern-Day Telethons

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Reuters: EU Antitrust Regulators Investigating Google Data Collection

1:11A phone displays the Twitter sign-up screen

Twitter Reconsiders Decision To Remove Inactive Accounts

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Is My Flight Delayed? How FlightAware Tracks The World's Flights

1:26Uber app on a phone screen.
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Uber Lost Its License To Operate In London

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Amazon Sues Pentagon After Losing $10 Billion Contract To Microsoft

2:45Concept art of 'Baby Yoda.'
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Will The 'Streaming Wars' Cause A Rise In Digital Piracy?

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FCC Moves To Keep China Out Of U.S. Telecom Networks

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Twitter Political Ad Ban Goes Into Effect

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NTSB Recommends Safety Changes On Thousands Of Boeing Jets

1:13A transcript of a call between Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is shown at impeachment proceedings.
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Politicians Are Using Impeachment-Focused Facebook Ads To Drive Growth