National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien

National Security Adviser: No Evidence Russia Helping Trump Campaign

Robert O'Brien said he has not seen the intelligence to suggest Russia is interfering in the 2020 election, as intelligence officials recently warned.

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Intel Official Says Russia Plans To Meddle In The 2020 Election

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Big Budget, Big Data — The Short Drive Across Nevada's Battleground

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Washington Roundup: Are Caucuses Going Out Of Style?

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What To Expect During The 'First In The West' Caucus


Nevada's New Plan For Caucusing Raises Security Concerns

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Facebook Is Now Letting Political Campaigns Sponsor 'Branded Content'

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Explaining The Complicated Way Voters Pick Presidential Candidates

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Va. House Approves Bill To Give Electoral Votes To Popular Vote Winner

1:15Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Troy Price
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Chair Of The Iowa Democratic Party Resigns After Caucus Debacle

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Washington Roundup: Why To Watch College Voters In New Hampshire

4:35Voters are set to cast ballots in New Hampshire Tuesday.

Ukrainian Experts Warn U.S. About Russia Ahead Of 2020 Election

1:43DNC Chairman Tom Perez
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DNC Chair Tom Perez Says He's 'Absolutely Not' Resigning After Iowa


Experts Worry About Your Personal Data In The 2020 Election


Iowa Caucuses App Debacle? Accuracy Over Speed, Says Election Expert

2:22Iowa caucus-goers in 2016.
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Do Iowa And New Hampshire Primary Winners Usually Win The Nomination?

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YouTube Clarifies Rules For Election-Related Content

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What The Fact: Checking Candidates On The Road In Iowa


The Iowa Caucuses Are Important To President Trump's Campaign, Too

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Hillary Clinton Says She'll Support Any Democratic Nominee

1:08Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders
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Clinton Criticizes Sanders, Says 'Nobody Wants To Work With Him'


Sexual Assault In Health Care Happens More Than You May Know

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What The Fact: Polls, Debates And Long-Shot Candidates


Michigan, A Battleground State, Tests A New Election Security Method

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Facebook's New Deepfake Policy May Not Go Far Enough

Student at a laptop

These Students Are Getting Paid To Read Propaganda

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Judge Rules South Carolina GOP Can Cancel 2020 Presidential Primary

1:55Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn answer questions during a November 2019 debate
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Disinformation In UK Elections Is Similar To What We Expect In 2020

When We All Vote

Michelle Obama Pushes For More Voter Participation In 2020

8:18Former Gov. Martin O'Malley talks "Smarter Government" with Newsy

Fmr. Gov. Martin O'Malley: Transparency Key To Future Of Government

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Experts: Cyberattack And Disinformation Threats Loom For 2020 Election