President-elect Joe Biden speaks at The Queen theater in Wilmington, Del. on Nov. 19, 2020.

Pres. Trump's Records Could Pose Another Hurdle For Biden Transition

Reports suggest President Trump has a habit of tearing up his papers, a major concern for ethics watchdogs and lawmakers during the transition period.

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3:25Sens. Mike Lee and Ted Cruz, R-Texas, look at the phone of Sen. John Cornyn
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Parler Downloads Surge As Conservatives Jump To 'Free Speech' App

1:09People put ballots through counting machine.
Lynne Sladky / AP

Vote Smarter 2020: When Do All The Votes Have To Be Counted?


Counted On: Record Voter Turnout Takes Toll On Registrars

1:40Poll workers process ballots
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1:42Man puts ballots into counting machine.

Vote Smarter 2020: How Are Winners Projected Before Votes Are Counted?

1:02Man inserts ballot into scanning machine

Vote Smarter 2020: What Happens If There's A Dispute Over A Ballot?

0:59A large pile of mail-in ballots.
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Vote Smarter 2020: Why Does Counting Mail-In Ballots Take Longer?


Counted On: Ballot Curing to Make Every Vote Count

0:48Voter registration form.
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Vote Smarter 2020: Can You Register To Vote On Election Day?

1:24Voting precinct in Missouri
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Vote Smarter 2020: Will Precincts Be Open On Election Day?

1:14Man with early voting sign.
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Vote Smarter 2020: Why Do Some States Vote Earlier Than Others?

1:07An official provisional ballot
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Vote Smarter 2020: What Is A Provisional Ballot?

1:18Bins of absentee ballots
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Counted On: Behind The Scenes With A County Electoral Board

1:02Man votes using voting machine.

Vote Smarter 2020: Why Are Voting Laws Different In Each State?

1:13Poll workers inside Washington, D.C. precinct.

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1:08A 2020 general election ballot.

Vote Smarter 2020: Can You Take A Picture Of Your Ballot?

1:22People voting
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1:01A former felon stands next to voting sign.
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Vote Smarter 2020: Are Convicted Felons Allowed To Vote?

1:15Mail-in ballot envelope

Vote Smarter 2020: Does Mail-In Voting Favor One Party Over The Other?

Scott Dannenfelser

Counted On: Rule Changes, High Demand, Virus Press Election Officials

1:00People outside early voting polling place.
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Vote Smarter 2020: Do You Need An Excuse To Vote Early In Person?

1:19Voting precinct in Nevada.
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Vote Smarter 2020: Is Voting In Person Better Than Voting By Mail?

0:35Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., meets with reporters at the Capitol in Washington,
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COVID Relief Efforts Still Stumbling As Pres. Trump Switches Direction

0:56Voting stations
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Vote Smarter 2020: Can You Get A Mail-In Ballot But Vote In Person?

1:20Woman signs absentee ballot
Nevada Secretary of State

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1:21Person puts ballot into drop box.

Vote Smarter 2020: Can You Turn In Someone Else's Completed Ballot?

1:16A ballot drop box in Florida.

Vote Smarter 2020: Is It Safe To Return Your Ballot In A Drop Box?

3:21Actors Jim Carrey and Maya Rudolph portray politicians Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.
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'Saturday Night Live' Is Returning Just In Time For The 2020 Elections

1:12President Donald Trump looks at his smartphone
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Pres. Trump's COVID Diagnosis Tweet Is Now His Most Shared, Liked Ever