Total Solar Eclipse
Featured Series: Total Solar Eclipse
Aug. 21, 2017 will be America's best chance to see a total solar eclipse for the next seven years.
Chicago artist Ervin A. Johnson in front of his portraits

Art As Protest: How One Artist Uses Portraits To Confront Injustice

A Chicago artist turns his art into activism in order to honor blackness and protest police brutality.

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2:08Hillary Clinton has a messaging problem on Muslim Americans.

Clinton Has A Messaging Problem When It Comes To Muslim Americans

0:52A homeless woman in New York City.
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Every Month, Homeless Women Face A Real Barrier — Their Periods

0:47Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump during the third presidential debate.
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The Candidates Share Their Thoughts On Abortion

2:22A Chicago police officer guards the perimeter of a crime scene where six people were found slain inside a home on the city's
Getty Images / Scott Olson

Does Adding Police Reduce Crime? In Chicago, It's Complicated

1:08A line of food trucks in front of Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas

When Trump Said He Wanted A Wall, This Isn't What He Meant

:36Contrasting images of "Pepe the Frog," a cartoon which has been turned into a hate symbol by certain groups.
Know Your Meme / Anti-Defamation League

Pepe The Frog Is Trying To Return To Its Positive, Non-Racist Roots

0:37Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg during the State of the Union
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Ginsburg: Maybe I Shouldn't Have Called Kaepernick Dumb After All

:57Police officers arrest a man in Baltimore.
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The DOJ Will Now Collect Police Use-Of-Force Data — And Make It Public

0:40A child who works in the tobacco industry sits on a bed.
Human Rights Watch

US Child Labor Plays A Part In Cultivating The Tobacco Industry

:54A diaper changing table inside a public restroom.
Mike Mozart / CC BY 2.0

One Of The Few Things Congress Can Agree On Is Diapers

:44A man smokes a marijuana joint.
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More People Got Arrested For Pot Than Violent Crimes In 2015

0:39Activists camping out on Cleveland's east side.

Why Activists Camped Out In One Of Their City's Most Dangerous Areas

1:22A screengrab from Logo

Why An LGBTQ Network Didn't Celebrate National Coming Out Day

3:23The LaGrow family
Newsy / Cody LaGrow

I'm Gay. My Sister Is, Too. Here's What It Taught Our Parents

:35A political light display.
The Illuminator

Light Graffiti: The Intersection Of Art And Politics

0:54A black police officer.
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Even Black Police Officers Can Have Implicit Bias

2:44Native Americans celebrate during an Indigenous Peoples' Day event in Seattle.
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The Argument For Changing 'Columbus Day' To 'Indigenous Peoples Day'

1:30Students from Baltimore colleges and high schools march in protest chanting 'Justice for Freddie Gray' on April 29, 2015 in B
Getty Images / Andrew Burton

What Black Lives Matter Is And Isn't — From The Co-founder Herself

1:10Worn caution tapes hangs loose.
Dean Souglass / cc by 2.0

Protests Over Fatal Shooting Of Carnell Snell Jr. Pass Second Night

1:21Brock Turner wears a hooded sweatshirt and stares into the camera in this mugshot. He has curly hair.
Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office

California's New Sex Offense Laws Influenced By Brock Turner Case

0:55A still from the video of Alfred Olango's death.

Police Release Video Of El Cajon Shooting

:45Roy Moore leaves a news conference
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Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore Is Suspended For The Rest Of His Term

1:11Students sit in a classroom and listen to a guest speaker.
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How Black Preschoolers Are Disciplined Says A Lot About Racial Bias

1:01Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore leaves a news conference at the State Judicial building.
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Alabama's Chief Justice Is On Trial For Ethics Charges ... Again

1:05Catholics pray during an Ash Wednesday Mass.
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Keeping The Faith Might Be More Difficult If Your Parents Are Divorced

1:01A West Valley City police officer shows off a newly deployed body camera attached to his shirt collar in 2015 in Utah.
Getty Images / George Frey

Police Video Like This May Soon Be Harder To Access In North Carolina

1:05Police recruits attend the New York Police Department graduation ceremony.
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Female Officers Are Rarely Involved In Deadly Police Shootings

1:10Pipeline near the Alberta tar sands
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Tribes Across North America Sign Treaty To Fight Tar Sands Expansion

0:45President Barack Obama
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Former Trump Official Blaming Obama For Racism Has Resigned

1:19A NYPD officer demonstrates a stop-and-frisk incident.
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Trump Suggests Using Controversial Stop-And-Frisk In Cities Beyond NYC