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Dad sleeping and his son

Getting Less Than Five Hours Of Sleep Raises Risk Of Chronic Diseases

A new study reveals people who sleep less after age 50 are more likely to have chronic diseases.

 | By Lindsey Theis

Florida Seniors' Retirement Plans Were Destroyed With Hurricane Ian

A Fort Myers mobile home neighborhood was completely destroyed by Hurricane Ian, taking retirement plans and funds with it.

 | By Adi Guajardo

A Rite Aid store in Pittsburgh advertises Covid-19 vaccine and free flu shots

Public Officials Are Bracing For A Serious Flu Season

Health officials across the country said it’s all hands on deck as they work to address rising cases of influenza, while juggling RSV cases.

 | By Meg Hilling

Dallas Cowboys fans hold signs supporting cancer awareness before the first half of a NFL football game

Why Are Cancer Rates Rising For Those Under 50?

More people are getting diagnosed with cancer, especially those under 50 — but why?

 | By Lindsey Theis

A cow walks through a field as an oil pumpjack and a flare burning off methane and other hydrocarbons stand in the background

U.N. Weather Agency: Greenhouse Gases Reach New Record

Greenhouse gases hit record high levels in the atmosphere last year, the U.N. weather agency said Wednesday, calling it an "ominous" sign.

 | By Associated Press

Chimps play outside.

'Retirement' Home Helps Chimpanzees Thrive After Medical Research

Chimp Haven has housed and helped hundreds of apes that are no longer needed in medical research.

 | By Tammy Estwick

A NASA rover travels.

NASA's Moon Surface Simulation Could Help In Possible Return There

Before NASA can return people to the moon, it first has to test technology to keep astronauts safe.

 | By Clayton Sandell

Microscopic image of RSV

RSV Cases Are Rising Along With Expected Flu, COVID Surge

Medical experts say the break in flu and respiratory illness hospitalizations brought on by COVID is over, with hospitals already seeing a big change.

 | By Stephen Graddick IV

President Joe Biden receives his COVID-19 booster from a member of the White House medical unit

White House Urges More Americans To Get COVID Booster Amid Low Uptake

It’s been almost two months since the new boosters were approved but less than 10% of adults have gotten the new doses.

 | By Kellan Howell

A girl kisses a dog in costume

Vet-Recommended Tips For A Safe Halloween With Pets

Before your dress your pet in a costume or take it trick-or-treating, read these tips for keeping animals safe on Halloween.

 | By Tricia Goss

A renter who owns a used electric car, charges it at a public charging station in a grocery store parking lot

Renters Face Charging Dilemma As U.S. Cities Move Toward EVs

Electric vehicles are soaring in popularity, but how and where to charge up remains a dilemma that's a barrier for most renters.

 | By Associated Press

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and John Feal

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Rallies To Raise Awareness For Military Hunger

The Department of Defense estimates as many as 24% of military families are food insecure. That’s about 300,000 people, plus their families.

 | By Maritsa Georgiou

A barge maneuvers its way down the normally wide Mississippi River where it has been reduced to a narrow trickle

The Mighty Mississippi River Is Drying Out

The Mississippi River's water levels are dropping to record lows, mostly in the Great Plains and Midwest.

 | By Scott Withers

Students sit at their desks in a classroom

Test Scores Show Historic COVID Setbacks For Kids Across U.S.

Across the country, math scores saw their largest decreases ever, and reading scores dropped to 1992 levels.

 | By Associated Press

A French soldier with his dog Olaf who is wearing a vest with medals.

France Inaugurates Memorial To 'Hero Dogs'

The French army's canine infantry regiment of 650 personnel attended the ceremony, along with 550 dogs wearing their medals.

 | By Stephen Graddick IV

Repairs continue on a large section where the levee broke during Hurricane Katrina.

Forced Change

Katrina left 80% of New Orleans underwater, 70% of homes damaged, and destroyed infrastructure. Half the population moved and many have not returned.

 | By Rennik Soholt and 103rd Street Productions

In Real Life: Tomorrow’s Wave

In Real Life: Tomorrow’s Wave

As surfing expands in its popularity and geography, surfers are using science to perfect and preserve waves — and bring the sport beyond the coasts.

 | By Joey Maiocco and Jacqueline Baylon and Kyle Pyatt and Hailey Gavin and Lauren Knapp

A woman walks past a sign outside the Boston Children's Hospital

RSV Surge Puts Pressure On Children’s Hospitals

In New York and across the country children's hospitals are struggling with a surge of sick kids due to a respiratory virus.

 | By Axel Turcios

Volunteers distribute cases of water at a community/fraternal drive-thru water distribution site in Jackson, Mississippi

EPA Civil Rights Case Targets Mississippi Over Jackson Water

The announcement came days after leaders of two congressional committees said they were starting a joint investigation into the crisis.

 | By Associated Press

Homeowner cleans the steps to his home from snow.

10 Money-Saving Tips For A Warmer House Without Turning Up The Heat

If you've been resisting cranking up the thermostat during the nippy days this season, try these clever ways to keep your house warm.

 | By Marie Rossiter

the U.S. Medicare Handbook is photographed in Washington

Why Is Medicare So Complicated?

Open enrollment is happening now for Medicare until December 7, but why is it so complicated to understand?

 | By Emily Grossberg

Crews battle a wildfire.

Drought, Fire Risk To Remain High During 3rd La Niña Winter

Winter is likely to bring drier conditions across Southern states and wetter weather for areas including the Great Lakes region and Pacific Northwest.

 | By Associated Press and Scott Withers

A kid rests his head.

Giving Kids 'Mental Health Days' Could Help Their Emotional Well-Being

A National Alliance on Mental Illness poll found 1 in 6 teens report feeling negative emotions often or always. Some parents are taking action.

 | By Amber Strong

A person holding a candle

Is COVID Why Some People Can't Smell Candles?

Nick Beauchamp is a professor and researcher who was curious about bad Amazon reviews for Yankee Candles amid the COVID pandemic.

 | By Lindsey Theis

Downtown Richmond, Vermont.

Worker Who Quietly Lowered Town's Fluoride For Years Resigns

Richmond, Vermont's water superintendent resigned after admitting that fluoride levels have not been in the recommended range for over a decade.

 | By Associated Press

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

EU Leaders Hold Divisive Summit Over Energy Crisis

European Union leaders are struggling to reach an agreement on ways to ease soaring energy prices as winter approaches.

 | By Associated Press and Newsy Staff

Suhail, a male Panda sent by China to Qatar as a gift for the World Cup

Pandas Sent By China Arrive In Qatar Ahead Of World Cup

The pandas China gifted will be in an enclosure that duplicates dense forest and shields the animals from stressful noises.

 | By Associated Press

A gas stove is tested for benzene in California

Study: Cancer-Causing Gas Leaking From California Stoves, Pipes

Researchers collected samples of gas from 159 homes in California to see what types of gases were being emitted into homes when stoves were off.

 | By Associated Press

A man sits with his head in his hands.

Americans Have A Concerning Amount Of Stress, Report Finds

An American Psychological Association report found more than a quarter of U.S. adults are so stressed they can't function.

 | By Lindsey Theis

Skittles in New York

Why Is There Concern About Common Food Additives?

Some countries have banned certain food additives, but why and how can it affect your health?

 | By Eli Kintisch