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A patron sips his drink while having a meal at a bar

CDC Data Reveals Alcohol-Related Deaths Increased During Pandemic

Despite the grim statistics, health experts say the public tends to minimize alcohol risks.

 | By Ben Schamisso

Voters cast ballots.

Experts Share Tips On Dealing With Election-Related Stress

Three quarters of Americans say they're stressed about the future of the U.S., as many prepare to vote and wait for the results of midterm elections.

 | By Lindsey Theis

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

Hurricane Watch: Subtropical Storm Eyes Florida, Bahamas

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency for 34 counties in the potential path of the storm, out of an abundance of caution.

 | By Associated Press

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi at the COP27 U.N. Climate Summit

COP27: U.N. Chief Tells Climate Summit To Cooperate Or Perish

Ahead of this year's conference, leaders and experts have been ringing alarm bells that time's running out to avert catastrophic rises in temperature.

 | By Associated Press

The moon is shown during a full lunar eclipse

Last Total Lunar Eclipse For 3 Years Arrives Tuesday

Totality will last nearly 1 1/2 hours — from 5:16 a.m. to 6:41 a.m. EST — as Earth passes directly between the moon and sun.

 | By Associated Press

People look toward a smoky forest.


Across deserts, coastlines, and forests, five Native American tribes work to restore their traditional ways of managing and protecting land.

 | By Passion River

Delegates at the COP27 U.N. Climate Summit

World In Crisis A Grim Backdrop For U.N. Climate Talks

Envoys from around the globe gathered Sunday at the COP27 U.N. Climate Summit.

 | By Associated Press

Dog in a wheelchair.

WFTS: Retired Deputy Supplying Wheelchairs For Animals In Need

John Cox says providing wheelchairs for disabled animals was life-changing not just for them — but for himself.

 | By Robert Boyd and WFTS

Fred Davis wipes his face as he describes building his home and the damage after a tornado hit in Powderly, Texas.

Deadly Tornadoes Hit Texas And Oklahoma, Flatten Buildings

While peak severe weather season typically is in the spring, tornadoes occasionally develop in October, November, December and even January.

 | By Associated Press

A sign is seen on a fence near an outdoor Magellan penguin viewing area at the Blank Park Zoo

Avian Flu Is Affecting The Poultry Industry As The Holidays Approach

Bird flu, in the U.S. and abroad, is pushing poultry prices up ahead of Thanksgiving.

 | By Meg Hilling

Terry Horgan.

Death In CRISPR Gene Therapy Study Sparks Search For Answers

Terry Horgan, a 27-year-old who had Duchenne muscular dystrophy, died last month during a study testing gene editing treatment.

 | By Associated Press

A man with dogs

Study: Your Pet Parenting Style Really Does Affect Your Dog's Behavior

You might think dogs’ personalities are determined by nature, but a new study shows that how humans “parent” pets makes a difference.

 | By Tricia Goss

A logo for BP is seen at a gas station in London

Why Is Natural Gas So Expensive Now?

Supply for natural gas has increased, but so has demand. So why is natural gas becoming so expensive now?

 | By Eli Kintisch

A doctor works on a patient.

How Children's Hospitals Are Handling The RSV Surge

RSV, a respiratory illness that can be severe in infants because their lungs aren't strong enough, is overwhelming hospitals in parts of the U.S.

 | By Lindsey Theis

Dogue, a restaurant for dogs

San Francisco Has An Upscale Restaurant Exclusively For Dogs

This upscale eatery is helmed by a professional chef trained in classical French cuisine. The decadent dining option costs $75 per pup.

 | By Tricia Goss

Gas prices are shown.

Major Diesel Supplier Warns Of Shortage, Higher Prices

Some stakeholders say the U.S. government needs to increase production and expand leasing to oil drilling to avoid a diesel shortage.

 | By James Packard

The condom display at Chimes pharmacy in Berkeley, Calif

Why Are Sexually Transmitted Infections On The Rise?

The CDC made headlines this fall after warning cases of some sexually transmitted infections are at their highest levels in decades.

 | By Lindsey Theis

Sign at a CVS Pharmacy.

CVS, Walgreens Announce $10B Opioid Settlement

The tentative settlement will not be final until enough states and localities sign off on it.

 | By Associated Press

Researchers look at parts of a brain.

Texas Brain Bank Highlights Hispanic Representation In Mental Research

There are more than 80 brain banks housing tens of thousands of brains across the U.S. One near the border is studying Hispanic brain health.

 | By Lindsey Theis

Students walk on a college campus.

Universities Are Finding Ways To Encourage, Normalize Sober Living

More college campuses are introducing recovery groups and programs to help fight the stigma of sober living while in university.

 | By Amber Strong

a copper water supply line is shown connected to a water main in Flint, Michigan

Why Is Our Water Quality In Question?

American drinking water infrastructure is aging, and the impacts are increasingly dangerous. How is the U.S. fixing it?

 | By Eli Kintisch

Medical staff sit with a child in a hospital.

What Parents Need To Know As RSV Cases Surge

With RSV and flu surging alongside cold and COVID season, there’s much for parents and caregivers to think about.

 | By Lindsey Theis

Rescuers help woman from flood waters.

50 Dead, Dozens Feared Missing As Storm Lashes Philippines

Intense rain triggered by Tropical Storm Nalgae swamped the Maguindanao province, causing rampant flash floods in low-lying villages.

 | By Associated Press

shrimp boats lie grounded atop what was a mobile home park

Are Hurricanes Getting Stronger?

Hurricane Ian cause billions of dollars in damage. Are recent hurricanes getting stronger?

 | By Eli Kintisch

Molten rock flows from Mauna Loa.

Hawaiian Residents Warned Of Potential Volcanic Eruption

Scientists say the eruption of the Mauna Loa on Hawaii's big island isn't imminent, but they are on alert because of a recent spike in earthquakes.

 | By Associated Press and Newsy Staff

Workers talk atop a building that was heavily damaged by Hurricane Ian.

FEMA Is Housing Hurricane Survivors, But Demand Is Sky High

Floridians have taken up residence in parking lots, where a sense of community is helping keep spirits up as many look for housing.

 | By Adi Guajardo

a sleep apnea breathing device

Recall Of Philips CPAP Device Causing Worldwide Shortage Of Devices

A massive recall of machines that help people deal with sleep apnea is expected to drag on until next year.

 | By John Mone

Vice President Kamala Harris speaks in front of a crowd and a school bus

More Kids To Ride In 'Clean' School Buses, Mostly Electric

The EPA says the new, mostly electric school buses will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save money and better protect children's health.

 | By Associated Press

The Scholven coal-fired power station

U.N. Report: Climate Pollution Reductions 'Highly Inadequate'

The United Nations Environment Programme says the window is closing on n efforts to keep future warming of the earth at bay.

 | By Associated Press