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Stanford University researcher Fernanda Herrera, left, watches as fellow student navigates through the VR experience.

Need A Lesson In Empathy? Strap On A VR Headset.

We tend to empathize most with those who look or act like us, but new research shows virtual reality may improve empathy and action.


2:37Ticks on a sheet of paper
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Chronic Lyme Disease Is Common, But It Doesn't Officially Exist

1:11The Leaning Tower of Pisa
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Many Historic Mediterranean Sites Threatened By Climate Change

1:15A doctor holding a stethoscope in their hand
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Cases Of Polio-Like Disease On The Rise Across The US

0:45Nurse administers an injection during an Ebola vaccine study in Liberia in February 2015
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Ebola Experts In Congo Pulled From Some Of The Hardest-Hit Areas

1:18Lipitor tablets in a purple tray next to an open medicine bottle
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Drug Makers May Soon Have To Show Medication Prices In Commercials

0:43A man takes a sip of beer
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Climate Change Could Cause A Global Beer Shortage

1:26Crews clear debris from the streets of Mexico Beach, Florida
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FEMA Says Past Mistakes Informed New Hurricane Strategies

1:14Picture of an infant's feet taken in 2007 in the U.K.
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UK's Infant Mortality Rate Could Lag Behind Other Countries By 2030

1:17Technician tests DNA sample in science lab

Genetic Testing Is So Popular, It May Be Hard To Keep Your DNA Private

1:08A mouse and two mice babies cupped in a pair of hands with rubber gloves on
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Same-Sex Mice Give Birth Thanks To Gene Editing

3:07Brain scans
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Can Pedophilia Be Treated Like Any Other Mental Illness?

1:20A Lake Worth lifeguard wears a protective mask and walks on a deserted beach
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Hurricane Michael Shifts Red Tide Back Toward Florida's Gulf Coastline

1:05Doctors deliver a baby girl by C-section.
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C-Section Births Have Surged To 'Striking' Levels Around The World

3:43Neil deGrasse Tyson in 2018 speaking about climate change.
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Neil deGrasse Tyson On Climate Change's 'New Normal'

1:45A bottle of vitamin D.
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Hundreds of Supplements Have Undeclared Drugs in Them, Study Finds

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How Did Our Fascination With Aliens Begin?

0:46Mosquitos on a net
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India Dealing With Large Zika Virus Outbreak

1:04A pile of oxycodone pills
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Doctors Charged With Illegally Prescribing Millions Of Oxycodone Pills

1:06A pharmacist checks a medication
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New Laws End Pharmacist 'Gag Clauses' On Medication Prices

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What Is Space Weather?

0:36Astronaut Nick Hague of NASA and cosmonaut Alexey Ovchinin of the Russian space agency Roscosmos

Astronauts Safely On Earth After Rocket Malfunctions

3:52A bag of cannabis
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Study Finds Cannabis Is Worse For Teens' Brains Than Alcohol

0:53The U.K.'s newly appointed suicide prevention minister, Jackie Doyle-Price
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The UK Now Has A Suicide Prevention Minister

1:24Air above a coal-fired plant in West Virginia.
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Air Pollution May Up Your Chance Of Mouth Cancer

0:39Woman pumps gas
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Trump Plans To Allow Higher-Ethanol Gas Sales All Year

0:58Boats line up on a canal in the Netherlands in 2017
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Dutch Government Ordered To Take More Action On Climate Change

2:28A look at the Milky Way from West Virginia.
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Who Makes The Rules In Space?

1:03A pair of hens
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Californians To Vote On Making Egg-Laying Hens Cage-Free By 2022

1:25A coal-fired power plant in Germany
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Addressing The Dire Climate Straits Could Mean Leaving Coal Behind

1:18Air pollution and fog in Wuhan, China
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UN Warns Of Consequences If Global Warming Continues The Way It Is Now