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Walt Disney World Resort

Disney Plans To Eliminate Plastic Straws At Locations Worldwide

Disney wants to eliminate all single-use plastic straws and stirrers from its theme parks, resorts and cruise lines.


1:42A coral reef
NOAA CCMA Biogeography Branch

Human Influence Has Reached Almost Every Remote Corner Of The Ocean

5:12Employees at The Corner Project pick up used syringes in the snow in an effort to keep the parks in the area safe.

Group Brings Health Care To The Streets For Those Battling Addiction

2:35A man rests along the the Coney Island boardwalk on one of the hottest weeks in recent New York City 2013
Getty Images

Study Links Climate Change To Rise In Suicide Rate

1:29Artist's impression of Mars Express floating over an actual photo of Mars
ESA / ATG medialab / DLR / FU Berlin CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO

Scientists Want To Be Sure There's An Underground Lake On Mars

1:10Person receives HPV vaccination
Getty Images

England Is Expanding Its HPV Vaccination Program To Cover Boys

0:45Vaccine being prepared for injection
Getty Images

China Is Investigating A Manufacturer For Producing Faulty Vaccines

0:57Coronal loops on the sun

NASA To Boldly Go Where No Agency Has Gone Before: The Sun

1:28A close up view of iced coffee.
Jess Gambacurta / CC BY 2.0

Caffeine May Not Help Control Appetite After All

1:32Plastic cups on a beach near Athens, Greece
Getty Images / Milos Bicanski

Don't Expect The Straw Ban To Solve Our Plastic Consumption Problems

1:13A shark swims off the coast of South Africa
Getty Images / Ryan Pierse

US Senators Learn How Sharks Might Help Cure Cancer

1:32Aid workers distribute supplies in Puerto Rico
Federal Emergency Management Agency

Smarter Rebuilding Will Make Future Natural Disasters Less Expensive

1:02Pharmacist fills drug prescription
Getty Images

The FDA Wants To Make More Common Drugs Available Over The Counter

1:01Coal fired power plant
Getty Images

EPA Rolling Back Obama-Era Coal Ash Rules


Novartis Won't Raise US Drug Prices For The Rest Of 2018

1:53Person lays in a tanning bed
leyla.a/ CC by 2.0

People Who Tan At A Gym More Likely To Become Addicted To It

1:04Jupiter as seen by NASA's Juno spacecraft

Astronomers Discover 12 New Moons Around Jupiter, Including 1 Oddball

0:39Doctor draws blood from a patient
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New Blood Test May Detect Melanoma In Early Stages

1:01Bottles of antibiotics on a shelf
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Patients Are More Likely To Get Unnecessary Antibiotics At Urgent Care

2:17Vials of DNA entering a machine
Getty Images

Our Environment Gives Our DNA Instructions, Changing Who We Are

0:42A hole in a Hawaii tour boat from a "lava bomb"

'Lava Bomb' From Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Injures 22 People

1:37A patient in a PET scan
Yale University

Researchers Develop A Way To Test For Early Alzheimer's Disease

0:36ash tray
Getty Images

Smoking Will Soon Be Banned In Public Housing

0:38McDonald's salad display
Getty Images

3,000 McDonald's Stores Stop Selling Salads Amid Parasite Outbreak

1:03Marijuana plant
Getty Images

New York Lets Patients Choose Medical Marijuana Instead Of Opioids

0:42Johnson & Johnson products
Getty Images

Johnson & Johnson Ordered To Pay Billions In Baby Powder Case

1:01A box of Tamiflu
Getty Images

US Government Is Moving Forward On Developing At-Home Flu Tests

4:06An inmate prison behind bars

Mass Incarceration Of Parents Affects Kids' Health Into Adulthood

1:48A scientist examines Otzi, the 5300-year-old iceman.
South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology/EURAC/Samadelli/Staschitz

The 5300-Year-Old Iceman Ate A Lot Of Fat And Cooked With Herbs

1:33The IceCube Lab and a readout of a neutrino event
IceCube Collaboration

For The First Time, We Know Exactly Where A Neutrino Came From

1:24A visitor looks at laser-etched lead crystal glass formation in the shape of a brain
Getty Images / Dan Kitwood

To Understand The Outside World, The Brain Has To Ignore Its Own Body