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Study Says A Lot Of Juul's Twitter Followers Are Underage

New research in JAMA Pediatrics says almost half of e-cigarette company Juul's Twitter followers are underage, according to data collected in 2018.


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WHO Staff Reportedly Continue To Abuse Travel Policies

4:44Experts say green infrastructure saves money and does more for the community.
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Green Infrastructure Does More Than Handle City Rainwater

1:18Suicide help sign
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Study Finds Youth Suicide Rates Are Rising, Especially In Young Girls

0:45Jay Inslee
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Presidential Hopeful Jay Inslee Releases $3T Green Energy, Jobs Plan

1:22In this photo illustration, the owner of a shop that sells electronic cigarettes demonstrates how to use one.
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Federal Judge Says FDA Must Start Delayed E-Cigarette Reviews

1:13ultrasound on a woman

Alabama Governor Signs Controversial Abortion Bill Into Law

1:11Metropolitan Museum of Art
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The Met Will Stop Accepting Gifts From Makers Of OxyContin

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African Swine Fever Kills 1 Million Pigs In China

1:37Roundup display at Monsanto headquarters in St. Louis.
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Elderly Couple With Cancer Awarded $2 Billion For Exposure To Roundup

1:07A full moon over the U.S. Capitol.
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Trump Requests $1.6B Budget Increase For NASA's Moon Mission

0:49A man smoking a cigerette
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Maryland Raises Legal Age To Buy Tobacco Products To 21

0:50Power plant
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CO2 Levels In The Atmosphere Reach Highest Point In Human Existence

1:18Employee at a recycling facility
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US Sits Out International Treaty To Curb Plastic Waste

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This Drugmaker Is Donating Its HIV Prevention Drug To 200,000 People

1:40Bureau of Land Managements in California manages nearly 600 producing oil and gas leases covering more than 200,000 acres.
Bureau of Land Management California

Trump Admin. Expands Drilling Plan Across 700,000 Acres In California

1:38Wind turbines off Rhode Island
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How Much Do Federal Tax Breaks Help Out Fossil Fuel Companies?

5:19Dog with tongue out
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Dream Jobs: Veterinarian

1:14Bottles of Coca-Cola are seen on a store shelf
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Report Finds Coca-Cola Has A Say In Studies It Funds

5:05Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey introduce the Green New Deal
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Democrats Walk Tightrope With Green New Deal

1:05Berkeley Lab scientists, Peter Christensen, Kathryn Loeffler, and Brett Helms.
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Researchers Discover New Plastic That Can Be Infinitely Recycled

2:41A woman speaks at a microphone
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Very Vocal: The 'Perfect Pitch' Predicts Elections, Sexual Attraction

0:38Walmart store sign
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Walmart Raises Minimum Age To Buy Tobacco Products To 21

1:06A group of people toasts alcoholic beverages

People Around The World Are Drinking More Every Year

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Drug Companies Will Soon Be Required To Reveal Prices In TV Ads

1:04A woman rests in the hospital after labor

CDC Says Most Pregnancy-Related Deaths In US Are Preventable

1:44Child with the measles at hospital in the Philippines in May.
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Measles Cases Surge in Europe As Global Outbreak Spreads

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US Reportedly Refused To Sign Arctic Council Declaration

1:15People applying sunscreen
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Your Body Absorbs Certain Sunscreen Chemicals — But Is That Safe?

1:15IPBES summit meeting.
Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

New Report Shows The Earth Is Changing At An 'Unprecedented' Rate

1:38A nurse administers the Dengvaxia vaccine to a young girl
Sanofi Pasteur

FDA Approves Dengue Vaccine With Strict Guidelines