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People in the streets after mudslides

California's Devastating Mudslides Are A Product Of Historic Wildfires

The wildfire-mudslide one-two punch has hit California in the past, but December's historic fires made 2018's mudslides particularly bad.


0:28Flu patient
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The Flu Nearly Reached Epidemic Levels This Season

:31New York City skyline
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New York City Is Suing Major Oil Companies Over Climate Change

0:37Offshore drilling platform
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Trump Administration Won't Allow Offshore Drilling Near Florida

0:56Green sea turtle
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Scientists Say Too Many Sea Turtles Are Born Female — Here's Why

0:42Falcon 9 Rocket
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SpaceX Says Its Rocket Performed As Planned Amid Lost Satellite Rumors

1:13Falcon Heavy rocket on launch pad

What To Know About SpaceX's Falcon Heavy Rocket Before It Launches

:41SpaceX promo image of Zuma launch

SpaceX Might Have Lost A Super-Secret US Government Satellite

2:36Pregnant woman standing next to baby crib
Freestocks Photos / CC0

US's High Child Mortality Rate Might Be Linked To Poverty

:47California wildfire
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Hurricanes And Wildfires Made 2017 The Costliest US Disaster Year

:36Pope Francis waves to thousands of followers.
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Pope Francis Once Again Calls For Efforts To Fight Climate Change

1:41Cold War-era bomb shelter sign
U.S. Office for Emergency Management

The CDC Wants The Public To Be Prepared In Case Of Nuclear Attack

1:47Donald Trump
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Why The Conversation Around Trump's Mental Health Is Controversial

0:21John Young

John Young, NASA Astronaut Who Walked on Moon, Has Died

1:03Earth's atmosphere as captured from space
NASA via Getty Images

New NASA Data Suggests The Hole In The Ozone Layer Is Shrinking

1:02Romaine lettuce
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Don't Blame Romaine Lettuce For A Multistate E. Coli Outbreak Just Yet

0:51Doctors review PET scans of cancer patients
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The Cancer Death Rate Continues To Drop In The US

1:17An offshore drill
Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement

Trump Proposes Major Increases To Offshore Drilling

1:24A fire shoots out of a ship collecting oil in Louisiana
Getty Images / Spencer Platt

Climate Change And Pollution Are Stripping Oxygen From The Oceans

1:08A view of the United States from GOES-16
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

The Northeast Could Briefly Be Colder Than Mars

1:01Pouring water into a glass
ExplorerBob/ CC0

Companies Are Selling 'Raw Water,' But Should You Drink It?

1:15A photo of the experimental device used in the clinical trials
University of Michigan

Tinnitus Ringing Might Be Treated With A New, Non-Invasive Method

1:15Fracking in California
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Interior Department Rescinds Obama-Era Fracking Regulations

0:48President Donald Trump
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Trump Fires HIV/AIDS Advisory Council With No Explanation

0:56American Girl's 2018 girl of the year
American Girl

American Girl's Newest Doll Is NASA-Approved

2:26A shopper chooses Granny Smith apples at a supermarket in China.
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Why Our Food Has Fewer Nutrients Than Ever Before

0:56Child walks down stairs next to peeling paint
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The EPA Has To Update Its Rules On Lead Paint — And Fast

5:38U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry
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Rick Perry And His Forgotten Department

4:36Dr. Monica Peek chats with a patient
Ben Schamisso

Doctor's Dilemma: Confronting Racist Patients

1:24Gamers play "World of Warcraft"
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'Gaming Disorder' Is Going To Be Classified As A Real Illness

0:53An offshore oil rig sits in the ocean
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The Trump Administration May Relax Some Offshore Drilling Safety Rules