Pills fall out of bottle

Study Links Opioid Overdoses To Pharma Companies' Marketing

The study says the more money pharmaceutical companies spent marketing opioids to doctors, the more prescriptions doctors wrote for those drugs.


1:06A man exhales a plume of e-cigarette smoke
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FDA Chief Threatens To Pull E-Cigarettes Off The Market

0:54Ebola response team meets in the Democratic Republic of Congo
World Health Organization

Ebola Outbreak Death Toll In Congo Reaches 400+

1:42Firefighters monitor a fire along the 101 freeway north of Ventura, California
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Natural Disaster Preparations Halted Across US By Government Shutdown


Scientists Say Saturn Hasn't Always Had Its Iconic Rings

2:51Hello Kitty merchandise
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Human Beings Evolved To Love Cuteness: How 'Kawaii' Conquered The West

0:50Medical marijuana
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Florida's New Gov. Wants To End A Ban On Smoking Medical Marijuana

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FDA Makes It Easier For Drug Companies To Produce OTC Naloxone

2:49The effect of a high tech tattoo when exposed to UV light.
Glenn Asakawa / CU Boulder

The Tattoo That Can Tell Your Temperature

1:23A U.S. Border patrol agent sits in his vehicle near the U.S.-Mexico Border in Sunland Park, New Mexico
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Lawmakers Say Government Impasse Isn't The Way To Fix Climate Change

1:31Plants growing aboard the International Space Station

The Promise Of Space Gardening

1:18Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler
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Senators Bring Up Climate Change During EPA Chief Confirmation Hearing

Pacific Ocean
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2018 Ocean Temperatures Were The Hottest On Record

2:28A protester tears up a genetically modified (GM) oil seed rape plant.
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Most People Know Less About GMOs Than They Think

2:23Marijuana plants
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Marijuana Addiction Is Real Even If It Doesn't Affect Most Users

0:50Emergency workers in protective suits
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Chemical Weapons Watchdog To Ban Novichok Nerve Agents

1:32Grand Teton
U.S. National Park Service

A Government Shutdown Makes National Parks Riskier Than Usual

1:09Oxycodone pain pills
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You May Have A Higher Chance Of Dying Of An Opioid OD Than A Car Crash

4:30The Alliance: Sustainability for the 21st Century. Sponsored by Green Umbrella

The Alliance: Sustainability for the 21st Century

1:09Flu shot
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CDC Estimates Up To 7 Million People Have Had The Flu This Season

1:49Empty baby beds in a maternity ward of a hospital
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Immigration Could Be Only Way To Offset Falling Birth Rate

1:40President Jair Bolsonaro is recognized as commander-in-chief of Brazil's Armed Forces during his inauguration
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Brazil's New Forest Policies Could Cause Worldwide CO2 Impacts

1:01Ocean waves.
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The Oceans Are Heating Up Much Faster Than Previously Thought

4:28A concept vehicle at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show
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CES Asks: How Do You Get Someone To Want More Self-Driving Cars?

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Democratic Lawmakers Introduce Bills To Slash Prescription Drug Costs

0:52Romaine lettuce in a grocery store
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CDC Says E. Coli Outbreak Linked To Romaine Is Over

1:07Grocery store
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FDA Can't Conduct Most US Food Safety Inspections During The Shutdown

0:59Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler
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Trump Officially Taps Andrew Wheeler To Lead EPA

1:05A doctor holds a stethoscope
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Study: US Cancer Death Rate Drops For 25th Straight Year

0:48The gas-powered Valley Generating Station is seen in the San Fernando Valley.
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US Carbon Dioxide Emissions Shot Up In 2018 After Years Of Decline

1:34A NOAA meteorologist monitors weather in the agency's Center for Weather and Climate Prediction
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Government Shutdowns Can Wreck The Rigid Timing Of Scientific Research