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China's first private rocket preparing to launch

China Joins Commercial Space Race With Private Company's Rocket Launch

Beijing-based OneSpace Technologies launched its OS-X rocket Thursday.


0:49Ebola vaccine
Getty Images

Congo To Treat People With Experimental Ebola Vaccine Early This Week

1:02Lava flow from fissure in eastern Hawaii
U.S. Geological Survey

One Person Has Been Injured In Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Eruption

0:36Kilauea Volcano
U.S. Geological Survey

Kilauea Eruption Sends Ash And Lava Bombs Flying, Forces Evacuations

1:58Western honeybee sits on top of a flower
Artur Rydzewski / CC BY 2.0

Are Honeybees Endangered? Scientists Can't Give A Definitive Answer


FDA Approves New Drug To Stop Migraines Before They Start

0:38Sign warning of extreme heat
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Earth Had Its 400th Consecutive Month Of Above-Average Temperatures

1:00Pro-choice advocates and anti-choice advocates abortion rally outside of the Supreme Court.
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Trump Administration To Effectively Ban Abortions At Some Facilities

4:36Rooftop farming
Newsy / Megan Smith

Dream Jobs: Rooftop Farmer

1:51polar bears
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Some Animals Are So Famous, People Don't Realize They're Endangered

0:55View of the Earth from space

Scientists Say Emissions Of Chemical That Degrades Ozone Are Rising

0:56A two-week-old boy finds his feet in his new world.
Getty Images

Number Of Babies Born In The US Dropped To A 30-Year Low

0:55A close view of a rock hurled from the crater during an explosive event.
U.S. Geological Survey

'Ballistic Blocks' Shoot From Kilauea Volcano As Eruptions Continue

0:58International Space Station

Privatizing The International Space Station Might Be Hard To Do

0:45Close-up of romaine lettuce
Getty Images

Heads Up: The CDC Says Romaine Lettuce Is Safe To Eat Again

0:47Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
World Health Organization

First Urban Case Of Ebola Confirmed In Congo Outbreak

0:44U.S. Food and Drug Administration building
U.S. Food and Drug Administration

FDA Approves First Non-opioid Treatment For Opioid Withdrawal

2:54A cartoon brain with the words "Laurel" and "Yanny"

How The Laurel-Yanny Clip — Like 'The Dress' — Tricks Our Brains

2:29A pill
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More Than 3 Million Kids Take Meds For ADHD. Here's How They Work

0:39Eggs on a factory line
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FDA Report: Egg Farm Linked to Salmonella Outbreak Had Rodent Problem

1:25Bitcoin tokens
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Bitcoin Mining Eats Enough Energy To Power Ireland

0:45OxyContin pills and bottle
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Six States File Lawsuit Against Maker Of OxyContin

0:35Smoke and ash plume from Kilauea volcano
Getty Images

Volcano Alerts At Highest Level As Eruption Intensifies In Hawaii

1:15Europa as captured by NASA's Galileo spacecraft
NASA / JPL-Caltech / SETI Institute

NASA Finds Evidence Of Water Plumes On Jupiter's Moon Europa

1:04French fries
World Health Organization

WHO Has A Plan To Eliminate Artificial Trans Fats In World Food Supply

0:36Artist's concept of the Mars helicopter

NASA's Sending A Helicopter To Mars In 2020

0:36Ash plume rising from Kilauea's summit
Getty Images

President Trump Declares Kilauea Eruption A Major Disaster

0:43ebola virus
Getty Images

Congo Faces Another Ebola Outbreak After 18 Die, 2 Cases Confirmed

0:32SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket
Getty Images

SpaceX Scrubbed Its Launch At The Last Minute

4:19Woman holds 'Me Too' sign.
Getty Images

#MeToo Monologues: How Theater Empowers Survivors Of Trauma

1:11Female mosquitoes are seen underneath a microscope
Getty Images / Kevin Frayer

CDC Says Mosquito, Tick And Flea Diseases Tripled Since 2004; But Why?