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Politicians attend ceremony

10 Senators Crossed Party Lines On Shutdown Vote

Many of the Democrats who voted "yes" are up for re-election in red states. The Republicans who voted "no" each have their own reasons.


1:24The Everglades
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Trump Administration Keeps Many National Parks Open Amid Shutdown

1:11Congress building behind fence
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Lawmakers Are Playing The Blame Game During The Government Shutdown

1:03Trump signs anti-opioid bill
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Trump Administration Renews Emergency Declaration For Opioid Crisis

0:44The U.S. Capitol building
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Congress Fails To Keep The Government From Shutting Down

0:53Twitter ad showing Trump rally.

Twitter Released An Update On Its Investigation Into The 2016 Election

0:52Sen. Bob Menendez
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Sen. Menendez Could Be Facing Another Corruption Trial

1:38A demonstrator in the March For Life holds a sign.
Newsy / Kyle Pyatt

March For Life Draws Thousands To National Mall

1:06Russian officials meet on environmental safety.
The Kremlin

FBI May Be Investigating A Connection Between Russia And The NRA

3:16The Women's March in 2017.
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The Women's March Built A Movement — Here's Where It's Going Next

1:19Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer
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Schumer Meets With Trump On Funding Deal As Feds Prepare For Shutdown

1:19Trump speaks to March for Life.
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President Trump Made A Special Appearance At March For Life

0:39The Supreme Court
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SCOTUS Will Hear Objections To Trump's Travel Ban

1:05President Donald Trump
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Trump Reportedly Changes His Travel Plans As Government Shutdown Looms

0:36An Israel flag flies in Jerusalem
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The US Embassy's Move To Jerusalem May Come Sooner Than Expected

2:13Women's March Los Angeles
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What's Different About This Year's Women's March?

0:56Carl Higbie
Corporation for National and Community Service

Trump Appointee Resigns After Discriminatory Remarks Are Uncovered

2:40A congressional House staffer holds the 2017 Budget
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How Secret Ingredients Get Cooked Into Congressional Spending Bills

1:11U.S. Capitol building
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House Passes Bill To Avoid Shutdown, But It Looks Grim In The Senate

1:06North Carolina congressional districts.
North Carolina State Board of Elections & Ethics Enforcement

SCOTUS Is Letting N.C. Keep Its Controversial Congressional Map

1:16White House Communications Director Hope Hicks
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House Intelligence Committee Delays Hope Hicks Testimony

1:10Senators discuss FISA
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A Controversial Surveillance Bill Is Headed To President Trump

2:43Voters recently graded the president's first year.
Newsy Staff / Nathan Briner

Trump's First-Year Report Card Has A Lot Of Red Ink

1:03Gorks speaks with press.
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Sebastian Gorka Has An Active Arrest Warrant Out On Him In Hungary

0:42Mick Mulvaney
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Mulvaney Asks For $0 To Fund The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

1:13President Donald Trump
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Trump's Tweet Confuses Already Confusing Government Funding Situation

0:49People hold signs advocating for religious freedom
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HHS Created An Office For Religious Freedom, And It's Controversial

1:15Women's March 2017 in Spain
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The Women's March Isn't Just For People In The US

2:52Protesters with a sign that reads "CLEAN DREAM OR SHUT IT DOWN" in front of the Trump Tower in Chicago.
Newsy / Ben Schamisso

Chicago Protesters Want A 'Clean' Deal For 'Dreamers' and TPS Holders

0:43People hold the flag of Haiti
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Haitians (And Others) Are Blocked From Getting Certain Work Visas

1:26Puerto Rico
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US Government Says Puerto Rico Has Too Much Money To Get A Loan