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President Trump Denies Payments Came From Campaign

The president is claiming he knew about the payments, and they came from him.


1:02People in Saudi Arabia
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Saudi Arabia Has History Of Executions, But One Case May Make History

2:59Las Vegas bail bonds signs
Thomas Hawk / CC BY-NC 2.0

Inside America's Growing Push To End Cash Bail

0:53The White House
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White House Insists President Trump 'Did Nothing Wrong'

0:41Tom Perez, Keith Ellison
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DNC Tells FBI Hackers Are Trying To Access Its Voter Logs

0:52President Donald Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen
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Cohen May Not Accept A Pardon From The President If It's Offered

0:38Sen. Elizabeth Warren
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Sen. Elizabeth Warren Unveils Ambitious Anti-Corruption Bill

0:53American and Mexican flags
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Trump Administration May Announce Deal With Mexico On NAFTA Talks

1:42Painting of the signing of the U.S. Constitution.
Howard Chandler Christy

The Founding Fathers Really Wanted A National University

0:37Rep. Duncan Hunter
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California Congressman Indicted On Campaign Finance Charges

1:59Michael Cohen
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Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty, Implicates President Trump

0:48Michael Cohen
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Michael Cohen Admits To Violating Campaign Finance Laws, Tax Fraud

0:36Paul Manafort
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Jury Finds Paul Manafort Guilty Of Bank And Tax Fraud

0:39Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh
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Sen. Collins: Brett Kavanaugh Thinks Roe V. Wade Is 'Settled Law'

0:32Michael Cohen
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Michael Cohen Reportedly Reached Plea Deal With Federal Prosecutors

2:34Girl holds newspaper with "Statehood" headline
Hawaii State Archives

Hawaii's Complicated Road To Statehood Took 40 Years

0:37Russian ship carrying cargo
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US Slaps Even More Sanctions On Russia

0:48Coal-fired power plant
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Trump Administration Releases Alternative To Obama-era Emissions Plan

0:56Person using computer
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Microsoft Says It Stopped A Potential Russian-Linked Cyber Attack

3:15Michael Cohen, former personal lawyer for President Donald Trump
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Possible Cohen Charges Could Spell Trouble For Trump

0:56The FBI's logo
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FBI Reportedly Investigating Hacks On Two Congressional Candidates

0:43President Donald Trump
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Trump Chastises Democrats In Speech, Praises Immigration Agents

0:46Melania Trump
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Melania Trump Will Visit Africa Reportedly Without President Trump

0:47Bag of fentanyl laced heroin
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Trump Urges Senate Republicans To Act On Fentanyl Legislation

0:53Former CIA Director John Brennan
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175 More Former Officials Denounce Trump Pulling Security Clearances

0:48Former CIA director John Brennan
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Brennan May Consider Legal Action After Security Clearance Stripped

0:40American pastor Andrew Brunson, who's been detained in Turkey since October 2016.
U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom

US Reportedly Refuses To Negotiate Over Pastor's Release

0:51Child and mother reunited
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Judge Says ACLU, Government Must Reach Agreement On Reunifications

0:52John Brennan
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Former CIA Officials Criticize Trump For Revoking Brennan's Clearance

0:54Syrian flag
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US Will Stop Funding Stabilization Efforts In Syria

0:47Migrants in Europe
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Germany And Greece Agree On Migrant Relocation Deal