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President Donald Trump

Trump Backtracks Helsinki Comments On Russian Meddling

President Donald Trump claims he misspoke when talking about 2016 election meddling at a press conference with Russia's president.


6:50Congressman Kennedy sits down for an interview with Newsy.
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Rep. Kennedy On Trump In Europe: 'A Disaster From Day One'

0:53A mother and child from El Salvador await transport to a processing center for undocumented immigrants.
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Democratic Senators Unveil New Family Reunification Bill

0:56Rod Rosenstein
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GOP Lawmakers Want DOJ Watchdog To Investigate Rosenstein

0:58U.S. Capitol building
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US Challenges Retaliatory Tariffs Imposed By 5 WTO Members

0:44Mohammad Javad Zarif
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Iran Files Complaint Over Restoration Of US Sanctions

1:56Dan Pfeiffer
Newsy Staff / Megan Smith

'Pod Save America' Host On How To Fix The Media Landscape

0:51House Speaker Paul Ryan and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy
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GOP Calls Off Vote On Democrats' 'Abolish ICE' Bill

0:45Person holds a handgun
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Illinois Governor Signs 'Red Flag' Gun Bill Into Law

0:38European Union flags
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The US Might Be Falling Out Of Favor With Europe

5:54Amanda Nguyen

Meet The 26-Year-Old Activist Nominated For The Nobel Peace Prize

0:43Navy sailor holds Russian flag
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Russian National With Links To NRA Charged As A Russian Spy

1:29President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin
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Trump's About As Unpopular In Russia As Putin Is In The US

0:40A one-year-old from El Salvador clings to his mother.
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Judge Temporarily Blocks Quick Deportation Of Newly Reunited Families

1:18Russian President Vladimir Putin at U.S.-Russia summit in Helsinki
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Putin Vehemently Denies Meddling In 2016 US Election

0:56U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.
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Trump, Putin Hold Joint Press Conference After Bilateral Meeting

1:28President Trump and President Putin at a press conference in Helsinki.
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Congress Reacts To Trump's Meeting With Putin

0:52British investigators in Salisbury
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UK Officials Reportedly Think GRU Agents Behind Salisbury Poisoning

0:43Migrants rescued in the Mediterranean Sea
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Germany Agrees To Take In 50 Migrants Rescued By Italy

0:49President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin
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It's Hard To Know What To Expect From Trump-Putin Summit

0:41Sen. Dianne Feinstein
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California Democratic Party Endorses Dianne Feinstein's Opponent

0:49President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un
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US And NK Will Coordinate The Return Of Korean War Veterans' Remains

1:36President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin
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Crimea And NATO Loom Large Over Monday's Trump-Putin Summit

0:46World leaders at NATO summit
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US Won't Grant Sanction Waivers To EU Allies Doing Business With Iran

0:36ash tray
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Smoking Will Soon Be Banned In Public Housing

0:53Secretary of  State Mike Pompeo
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Mike Pompeo Traveled To Mexico To Meet Its President-Elect

0:35immigrant families in US detention
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There Are Still 2,551 Immigrant Children In US Custody

0:53Donald Trump
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Democrats Call On Trump To Cancel Summit With Putin

1:00President Trump at the White House
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White House Says New Mueller Indictment Shows No Evidence Of Collusion

DXR / CC BY SA 4.0

Helsinki Is A Natural Fit For The Trump-Putin Summit

6:56A family crosses into Canada at an irregular border crossing.
Newsy / Luke Piotrowski

Crossing North: Asylum Seekers Use The US As A Route Into Canada