Jude Smith playing her guitar

Finding Hope Through A Different Approach To Mental Health Care

Charlie Health provides virtual intensive outpatient treatments for people struggling with mental health.

Mental Health

6:58Esther Koisner with her family

Holocaust Survivors And Their Descendants Share Generational Trauma

6:05A police car
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Counselors And Cops Working Together Can Save Lives

7:05Susan Meiklejohn wears a device for transcranial direct current stimulation

Breakthrough Device Could Ease Deep Depression

4:55Hill Country MHDDC Uvalde Mental Health Clinic

Mental Health America: Texas Ranks Last In Mental Health Care Access

Zach Cusson / Newsy

Hospital ERs Struggle To Treat Surge Of Mental Health Patients

5:05Children walk into a school

Teen Suicide Crisis: Colorado Parents Work To Reduce State's High Rate

6:53Twenty-eight-year-old New Yorker Chloé Valentine Toscano

How Disability Misunderstandings And Stigma Impact Mental Well-Being

5:45The National Alliance on Mental Illness in Mississippi

Advocates, Patients Push For Mental Health Resources In Mississippi

5:52A counselor sits with a woman and her daughter

Swedish Program Aims To Fight High Youth Suicide Rate In Montana

5:12Michelle Hammer and her mom

How One Woman Describes Living With Schizophrenia

2:23Heather Bodie

How Live Storytelling Is Helping People Cope With Mental Illness

3:22a group of singers rehearse at Insight Memory Care

How The Power Of Music Is Helping Patients With Alzheimer’s

6:53Janaki Kates

Former Senior CIA Officers Describe Their Mental Health Struggles

2:35Clean Is Mandatory Owner Andre Scott gives a customer a haircut

Nonprofit Trains Black Barbers To Be Mental Health Advocates

5:02Julie's Story
Julie Reed

Curbing People With Mental Illness Away From Jail

3:15A nurse communicates through glass.
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Where Do Front Line Workers Go For Help With Mental Health Challenges?


America's Breakdown: Confronting Our Mental Health Crisis

3:34Joe Trohman of Fall Out Boy
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Some Musicians Play Through Mental Health Issues From Industry

3:21Church members stand.
Mark Black / AP

How Christians Are Coupling Biblical Concepts With Mental Wellness

4:13Johnny Pinchback, who spent 27 years in prison for aggravated sexual assault before DNA evidence cleared him
Tony Gutierrez / AP

Exonerees Share How They Cope With Mental Health Challenges

6:40Shea Olcheski

Former Journalist Recounts Battle With Burnout, Mental Health Struggle

5:36Children attend school
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How To Understand And Watch For Signs Of Child Abuse

4:24A visitor makes a photo at the TikTok exhibition
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TikTok Is Helping Foster Conversations About Mental Health

5:36Jane Fitzpatrick

A Pediatric Therapist Speaks On Trauma Of Abuse In Children

5:27Empty desks in a classroom
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New Orleans Students' PTSD Rank Higher Than The National Average

3:13A man and woman sit down at a table in a park

Psychologist Says There's A Rise In The Number Of Lonely, Single Men

6:20Reverend Denise Walden Glen

Focusing On Community, Faith And Mental Health After The Tops Shooting

6:45U.S. veteran Sergio Alfaro
Sergio Alfaro

U.S. Veteran Shares Message Of Hope After Battling PTSD

7:12U.S. Veteran Connor McDaniel
David McDaniel

The Struggle And Rising Need For Veterans To Get Mental Health Care

3:27A doctor stands at a desk.

Buffalo Tragedy Highlights Need For Black Mental Health Care Workers