A woman pet's her dog outside.

10 Common Habits That Can Jeopardize Your Dog's Health

Pet parents, don't slip into bad habits! Avoiding these behaviors now can help your pup have better health outcomes in the long run.

 | By Marie Rossiter

A lion is shown.

Lions Rescued From A Ukrainian Zoo Have Found A New Home In The U.S.

Ukraine has made efforts to fly many of its most endangered animals out of the war-torn country, like lions from the Odesa Zoo.

 | By Clayton Sandell

Steph Curry

Steph Curry Clears Air On Fake Viral Video Of 5 Full-Court Shots

Curry confirmed the viral video of him making five full-court shots in a row was fake but called it the "ultimate compliment" that fans believed it.

 | By Bridget Sharkey

Toyota logo adorns a sign outside a Toyota dealership

10 Cars That Last The Longest (And 6 Are Toyotas)

A recent study analyzed more than 2 million cars to find out which may last the longest. Six Toyotas, two Chevys, a GMC and one Honda made the list.

 | By Tricia Goss

graphic of how often do you use your middle name

Why Do We Have Middle Names?

Turns out middle names have an interesting origin and historical purpose.

 | By Lauren Magarino and Brandi Scarber

Santa chats with children in a video conference

Letters To Santa? How About Calling, Texting Or Emailing Him This Year

Here's a holiday freebie parents will appreciate: You can help your kids call, text, email or even FaceTime Santa, and these services are all free.

 | By Bridget Sharkey

A man pats his dog

Rover Releases Most Popular Dog Names Of 2022

If you have a Max or a Luna, you're far from alone.

 | By Newsy Staff

Cash in a wallet

How To Become A Millionaire By The Time You Retire

How can you become a millionaire? Personal finance experts say to start your retirement saving early and sock away a certain amount every year.

 | By Tricia Goss

Lindsay Lohan pouring milk in Pepsi.

Pepsi Contest Calls For Mixing Soda And Milk For 'Pilk And Cookies'

Pepsi's new sweepstakes builds on a TikTok trend by asking fans to mix up a soda and milk, or 'pilk,' for a pilk and cookies holiday photo.

 | By Kaitlin Gates

The Google logo is displayed at their offices.

New Setting Stops Google Chrome From Draining Your Laptop's Battery

Google Chrome introduced a new Energy Saver feature at the end of November. If surfing drains your battery quickly, follow these steps to set it up.

 | By Tricia Goss

A pet cat

How Can Animals Detect How Humans Are Feeling?

Exploring how animals can sense how we're feeling, and what it means for us.

 | By Simon Kaufman

Woman types on her laptop keyboard.

Is Your Password One Of The Most Common In The U.S.?

NordPass released its 2022 list of the most common passwords — and the password manager reports that 83% of them can be cracked in a second.

 | By Tricia Goss

The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree

Major U.S. Cities Host Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremonies

Christmas trees are being lit up across the country as cities continue decades-old traditions.

 | By Cat Sandoval

A McDonald's restaurant logo and golden arch is lit in Chicago.

You Can Win A McGold Card To Get Free McDonald's For Life

The McGold Card, which gives you free food for life, was once just for celebrities. Now, McDonald's is giving the cards away to a few lucky fans.

 | By Bridget Sharkey

A genealogy testing kit for Ancestry/DNA.

Holocaust Survivors Offered DNA Tests To Help Find Family

The New York-based Center for Jewish History is launching a project offering DNA testing kits for free to Holocaust survivors and their children.

 | By Associated Press

A rented truck

10 Things You Should Rent Rather Than Buy

When it comes to renting vs. buying, one key thing to keep in mind is that high-cost items that get limited use aren't always worth the investment.

 | By Marie Rossiter

Someone looks at their phone while grocery shopping

These Apps Will Help You Save Money On Groceries

You can’t stop food shopping, and you can only cut so many corners while keeping your family healthy. Here are some apps to save on groceries.

 | By Tricia Goss and The List

Home thermostat

What's Cheaper: Turning Up The Thermostat Or Using Space Heaters?

With fuel costs expected to rise this winter, it pays to know whether it's more efficient to turn up your thermostat or use well-placed space heaters.

 | By Anna Weaver

First lady Jill Biden speaks at an unveiling of this year's White House holiday theme.

First Lady Jill Biden Unveils 'We The People' White House Christmas

First Lady Jill Biden thanked people from across the country who helped decorate the White House for the holidays.

 | By Willie James Inman

Used cars sit outside a BMW dealership.

How Long You Should Expect A Used Car To Last

If you're planning to buy a used car, looking for certain brands and features can help ensure that your vehicle will last for years to come.

 | By Tricia Goss

A person searches the internet for sales

How To Keep Your Information Safe When Shopping Online

Cyber Tech Connection President David Jooste spoke with Newsy about how to keep your personal and financial information safe while shopping online.

 | By Newsy Staff

Employees sort packages for delivery at FedEx

Important Holiday Shipping Deadlines You Need To Know This Year

With recent postal delays, you don't want to wait to ship items during the holiday season this year.

 | By John Matarese

Christmas wreaths decorate the exterior of the White House

'We The People' Is The White House's Theme For The Holidays

Jill Biden chose a holiday theme to remind Americans of what unites them. The decorations will be unveiled during an event Monday.

 | By Associated Press

Santa Claus waves from atop a float.

Operation Santa: How You And The USPS Can Help People In Need

Operation Santa has helped deliver gifts from Ol' Saint Nick to kids of all ages. And over the years, the process has moved online.

 | By Aimee Reece and Lindsay Tuchman

Santa Claus waves from atop a float.

Naughty Or Nice: Potential Santa Shortage This Christmas Season

The demand for Santa Claus and all his helpers is up by over 30% from last year.

 | By Stephen Graddick IV and Aimee Reece

A plate of food.

How to Extend the Shelf Life of Food Beyond the 'Best By' Date

Expiration confusion is one of the top causes of food waste. Here are some ways you can extend the life of products beyond the "best by" date.

 | By Amber Strong

Person uses a smart phone.

How To Avoid Online Scams This Holiday Season

Experts say online scams around the holidays are growing because of Americans' increased reliance on e-commerce for shopping.

 | By Tyler Adkisson

President Joe Biden, center, standing next to Nantucket Fire Department Chief Michael Cranson.

Biden Brings Thanksgiving Pies To Nantucket First Responders

President Joe Biden has a more than 40-year tradition of spending Thanksgiving on the Massachusetts island.

 | By Associated Press

FeedingNYC group

FeedingNYC Has Fed 100,000 Families Since 2001 For Thanksgiving

FeedingNYC, a non-profit organization, provides hundreds of meals to shelters that include migrant families.

 | By Axel Turcios

Mariah Carey performs at the 82nd Annual Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting ceremony

When Is It Too Early To Play Christmas Music?

When is it too early to ring in the holiday season on speakers and over the airwaves?

 | By Patrick McGovern