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NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre

Tech Companies Facing Pressure To Remove NRATV From Streaming Services

A number of other companies have already cut ties with the NRA following social media campaigns.


0:35FCC Chairman Ajit Pai
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Ajit Pai Wins NRA Award For 'Courage' And 'Saving The Internet'

2:31Greg Stein places flowers in a makeshift memorial setup in front of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School
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Is The Media Perpetuating Mass Shootings?

24:20two women stand
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'90s Nostalgia Is Leaving Its Mark On 2018

3:03A Heaven's Gate installation by Miguel Soares
Wikimedia Commons

Pop Culture Reopens '90s Mysteries, Like Heaven's Gate Mass Suicide


Up For Debate: Is The 2nd Amendment Still Relevant?

1:55The Southern Poverty Law Center's "Year in Hate" cover.
Southern Poverty Law Center

What Is 'Male Supremacy,' According To Southern Poverty Law Center?

0:54"Black Panther" fans
Voice of America

'Black Panther' Fans Are Transforming Everyday Places Into Wakanda

2:20A welder
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Only 2 Percent Of Us Rely On Pensions To Retire. So How Are We Saving?

2:19President Donald Trump holds a listening session
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Students Debate Guns And School Safety At The White House

3:03An employee on paternity leave
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The History Of Paternity Leave? There Isn't Much

0:58Woman grieves aftermath of shooting
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Mass Shootings Bring Communities Of Tragedy Together

4:31Students participate at Hip Hop Architecture Camp
Hip Hop Architecture

Youth Program Looks To Build Diversity In Architecture

2:31Leo, 9 months, takes part in an experiment
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Think You're Smart? See What The Experts Say

2:57Tailor Carl Ulysses at the "Captain America: Civil War" Atlanta cast and filmmakers screening in 2016.
Getty Images for Disney / Paras Griffin

How This 'Black Panther' Tailor Helped Craft Wakanda's Seamless Style


Up For Debate: Is Death Final?

2:45Mirai Nagasu of the United States skates during the ladies single skating free skating section of the team event
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Tweet About Olympic Skater Leads To Outrage Online

2:54Martin County drinking water (Left) vs. bottled water

Martin County Residents Stonewalled At Meeting About Unsafe Water

2:19Abandoned buildings in Baltimore
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The War On Poverty Continues

4:40People carry signs addressing sexual harassment at a #MeToo rally
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Why The #MeToo Movement Is Vital For Immigrant Workers

4:41Tribune Tower along Michigan Avenue at the Chicago River.
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What Happens When Newspapers Leave Their Iconic Buildings?

2:12Newsy and Intelligence Squared U.S. present "Up for Debate."

Up For Debate: Should We Genetically Modify Food?

Martin County Water Treatment Facility
Newsy / Sarah Giroux

Ky. County Residents Are Skeptical About Govt. Help For 18-Year Crisis

Nina McCoy discusses her town's struggle for c

Why One County Has Avoided Drinking Its Water For 18 Years

a water valve

Some In This Small Kentucky County Live Without Running Water

3:52Martin County residents say their officials spent money on buildings that could have been used to fix their water problems.

Kentucky Locals Blame Town's Officials For Ongoing Water Crisis

3:28A sign that shows town names

A Decades-Old Water Crisis In Kentucky Comes To A Head

1:16Gerber "spokesbaby" Lucas

This Gerber Baby Might Lessen The Stigma Surrounding Down Syndrome

2:36An Artificial Intelligence Lightweight Android presses switches on a panel
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No, Robots Aren't From the Future — They Go Back To The 1700s

0:35Eagles Players Celebrate
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Eagles Upset Patriots In Their First-ever Super Bowl Win

0:36Uma Thurman
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Uma Thurman Breaks Silence About Weinstein Assault