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President Donald Trump speaks during a luncheon.

Twitter Users Notice Trump Took Days To Secure @POTUS Twitter Account

Nearly a week into President Trump's administration, @POTUS was linked to a gmail account, which could have made it vulnerable.

  IT Security

1:04John Podesta
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How Not To Get Phished Like The Clinton Campaign Did

1:17Power line
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Russian Malware Found On Laptop Belonging To Vermont Utility Co.

1:06Russian President Vladimir Putin
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Report On Alleged Russian Meddling In The 2016 Election Released

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The Cybersecurity Stakes Just Keep Getting Bigger

0:41Sailors walk past USS Zumwalt
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Personal Information Of Over 130,000 US Sailors Has Been Leaked

0:47This undated photo provided by the National Security Agency (NSA) shows its headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland.
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How To Protect Your Data From The NSA

0:50he seal of the F.B.I. hangs in the Flag Room at the bureau's headquaters March 9, 2007 in Washington, DC.
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Looks Like This Man Almost Pulled An Edward Snowden But Got Caught

0:41Yahoo is displayed on a computer screen.
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If You Have A Yahoo Account, There's A Good Chance You Were Hacked

1:19Computers displaying the logo of the Department of Homeland Security
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Wait, The US Is Just Now Getting A Cybersecurity Chief?

1:32Voting in the Ohio primary.
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Reminder: Your Electronic Voting Machine Is Super Hackable

0:44Devices being shut down.
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Why Turning Your Devices Off And On Again Works So Damn Well

1:19Hands type on a keyboard.

Lone Hacker 'Guccifer 2.0' Claims Responsibility For DNC Breach

1:05Twitter logo and Passwords that were stolen by hackers for Twitter.
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Millions Of Twitter Passwords Stolen, But This Time It Was Your Fault

2:06Files backing up from a computer to an external drive.
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Backing Up Your Data Is Easy; Paying To Recover It Can Be Expensive

1:25Locker ransomware and crypto ransomware are two types of ransomware discussed in AskNewsy.
Newsy / Evan Thomas

Ransomware Makes It Easy For Cybercriminals To Take Your Money

1:11The Facebook and WhatsApp app icons are displayed on an iPhone.
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Brazil Banned WhatsApp (Again), Because Encryption

1:38We explain the differences between the three most common consumer wireless standards.
Newsy / Evan Thomas

What's The Difference Between B, G And N Routers?

1:25The official seal of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is seen on an iPhone's camera screen.
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The FBI Paid Over $1M To Unlock San Bernardino Shooter's iPhone

:52The Pentagon building in Washington D.C.
U.S. Air Force

If You Can Hack The Pentagon, The DOD Would Like To Give You Money

1:19The FBI may have paid professional hackers to break into the San Bernardino iPhone after Apple refused to help.
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The FBI Reportedly Asked Pro Hackers To Crack San Bernardino iPhone

1:23The FBI seal, as seen on an iPhone's camera screen.
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Apple's Encryption Fight With The Government Continues In New York

1:17Rush hour traffic on a congested road as the sun sets on May 13, 2014 in Melbourne, Australia.
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FBI Tells Us What Experts Already Knew: Car Hacking Is A Real Threat

1:39President Obama speaks at the opening of SXSW.
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Obama Tells SXSW: Don't Be 'Absolutist' On Encryption

00:56ISIS tried to hack Google and ended up hacking the wrong one. Oops.

Pro-ISIS Hacking Group Tries To Hack Google But Gets The Wrong Site

1:21The Internal Revenue Service building is shown August 30, 2006 in Washington DC.
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'Get Transcript' IRS Hack Keeps Getting Worse, More Taxpayers Affected

1:24Running more than one antivirus can cause overlap and competition — and drain your battery.
Newsy / Evan Thomas

Two Antivirus Programs On One Computer Is One Too Many

1:25John McAfee talks to the media outside Beacon Hotel where he is staying after arriving last night from Guatemala on December 13, 2012 in Miami Beach, Florida.
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John McAfee Offers To Break An iPhone's Encryption For The FBI

1:18Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center had it's medical records held for ransom.
Facebook / Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center

Hospital Pays Hackers' Bitcoin Ransom For Hijacked Patient Records

1:42Google search: Do I need to update flash player?

Do I Need To Update Flash Player On My Computer?

2:02You can do better than the usual list of common passwords.
Newsy / Evan Thomas

How To Make Your Passwords Less Hackable