Latest in Immigration

Latest in Immigration

A group of migrants stand next to the border wall as a Border Patrol agent takes a head count.

Border Crossings To U.S. From Mexico Hit Annual High

A surge in migration from Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua in September brought the number of crossings to the highest level recorded in a fiscal year.

 | By Associated Press

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

Undocumented Immigration Isn't Just A Red State Problem

Unauthorized immigration does not "all fall on a handful of red states," as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said, according to a Newsy analysis.

 | By Patrick Terpstra

Shipping containers stacked near the U.S.-Mexico border.

Arizona Refuses U.S. Demand To Remove Containers Along Border

Arizona has rejected the federal government's demand to remove more than 100 double-stacked containers filling gaps along the U.S.-Mexico border.

 | By Associated Press and Newsy Staff

New York City officials hold a press conference in one of the migrant tents

NYC Opens Its First Refugee-Style Camp To House An Influx Of Migrants

The camp includes bathrooms, showers, a laundry facility, and isolation tents for those who test positive for COVID-19.

 | By Axel Turcios

Mugshots of brothers Mark and Michael Sheppard.

Migrant Survivors Of West Texas Shooting Detained By ICE

Seven migrants have been detained after brothers Michael and Mark Sheppard allegedly fatally shot one and injured another in Texas three weeks ago.

 | By Associated Press

Sleeping area of the city's latest temporary shelter on Randall's Island.

NYC Opens Emergency Center For Influx Of Bused Migrants

The humanitarian relief center's facilities include laundry, regular meals and access to international calls.

 | By Associated Press and Newsy Staff

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis .

DeSantis To Continue Migrant Flights To Democratic States

The flights had been scheduled to happen before Oct. 3 but apparently were postponed.

 | By Associated Press

Border Patrol

Why Are Governors Busing Migrants?

Republican governors are accused of busing migrants up north to Democratic led cities as a tactic to blame President Biden for an immigration issue.

 | By Lauren Magarino

A Venezuelan migrant family.

U.S. Mulls Ukrainian-Type Parole For Venezuelan Migrants

The Biden administration said the plan would allow Venezuelans into the U.S. through airports, rather than entering from the perilous land journey.

 | By Associated Press

Migrant workers

Migrant Workers Helping To Rebuild After Ian Face Scams, Fraud

Immigrant workers are at the center of a multibillion-dollar disaster recovery industry helping clean up after Hurricane Ian.

 | By Axel Turcios