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President Donald Trump

AP: Trump Asked Aides About Invading Venezuela Last Year

The Associated Press says President Trump asked why the U.S. couldn't invade Venezuela in a meeting on Aug. 10.

  Foreign Policy

0:46Angela Merkel and Donald Trump
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Merkel Warns New Auto Tariffs Could Start A Trade War

1:47White House national security adviser John Bolton
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Bolton Pushes Breakneck Pace For North Korea Disarmament — Again

0:43President Donald Trump
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Trump Wants To Wait Until After Midterms To Sign Any NAFTA Deal

1:03Kim Jong-un
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Report: North Korea Is Still Enriching Uranium

0:56General Motors building.
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General Motors Says New Auto Tariffs Could Be 'Detrimental'

0:44Heinz ketchup
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Canada Set To Impose More Than $12B In Retaliatory Tariffs On US

1:00Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and President Xi Jinping
U.S. Department of Defense

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis Visits China Amid Growing Tensions

2:02President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin
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Putin And Trump Will Have A Face-To-Face Meeting In July

0:40Iran's Soroush oil field

US Tells Other Countries to Stop Buying Iranian Oil

0:45Harley Davidson manufacturing
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Harley Davidson Is Moving Some Of Its Production Out Of The US

0:31Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump
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Trump Extends National Emergency Order Declaring North Korea A Threat

1:48North and South Korean families
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North, South Korea To Briefly Reunite Families Kept Apart For Decades

0:462004 rally in Ottawa to legalize marijuana
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Canada's Legislature Just Voted To Legalize Marijuana

0:57UN Human Rights Council chambers

The US' Departure Could Weaken The UN Human Rights Council

5:22Ben Rhodes and Chance Seales

Ben Rhodes Talks Russia, The Iran Deal And His Time In The White House

0:35US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley
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The US Is Leaving The United Nations Human Rights Council

0:44U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley
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Reports: US To Leave UN Human Rights Council

5:50Ben Rhodes speaks to Newsy.

Obama's Former Advisor Says U.S. Would Lose Trade War To China

0:57President Donald Trump
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White House Now Says Trump Supports Both House GOP Immigration Bills

0:28Pakistani Army officers show a photo of radical Islamic Cleric and militant leader Mullah Fazlullah.
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Pakistani Taliban Leader Reportedly Killed In Drone Strike

0:31Syria Civil Defense White Helmets

US To Send $6.6 Million To Syrian Rescue Group

1:01President Donald Trump salutes a North Korean officer
Voice of Korea

Trump Saluted A North Korean Officer, Sparking Backlash

1:16Wine on a supermarket shelf
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GOP Leader: Canada Keeps US Wine Out Of Its Supermarkets — Really?

1:30Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Chinese President Xi Jinping
U.S. Department of State

China Chalks Up A Win In Singapore, But Tariffs Could Spoil The Mood

5:37Min Kang

North Korean Defector Opens Up About Trump-Kim Summit


Special Edition Of 'The Why': Singapore Summit

2:02Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
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Secretary Pompeo Pitches North Korea's Neighbors On Singapore Deal

5:45White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley talks to Newsy at the White House
Newsy Staff/Megan Smith

Hogan Gidley: Role Of Congress In Denuclearization Depends On Deal

0:46Marines in Norway
U.S. Department of Defense

Norway Wants To More Than Double The Number Of US Marines There

2:25President Donald Trump in Singapore
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Congress Is Split On The Outcome Of The US-North Korea Summit