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South Korean envoy meets North Korean leader Kim Jong-un

South Korean Delegation Meets With Kim Jong-Un

A South Korean envoy hand delivered a letter from President Moon Jae-in to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

  Foreign Policy

0:42A woman holds up an anti-Catalan secession sign
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Catalonia's President Will Reportedly Relaunch Independence Campaign

0:50Palestinian protesters
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Palestinians, UN React To US Cutting Aid To Relief Group

1:01Men sit behind a box of UNRWA sunflower oil
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Trump Administration Will Cut Aid To UN's Palestinian Refugee Program

0:52The White House
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Trump Administration Hopes To Have New NAFTA Deal In 30 Days

0:34Blank newsprint
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US Trade Commission Overturns Tariffs On Canadian Newsprint

0:51Ayatollah Ali Khamenei speaking into a microphone / CC by 4.0

Iran Might Leave Nuclear Deal

1:39A steel company worker.
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Canada Has Until Friday To Make A Decision On NAFTA

1:08Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey
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Toomey: US-Mexico Deal Needs Canada On Board For 'Fast Track' Option

0:40Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis
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Mattis: US Has No Plans To Cancel Military Drills With South Korea

0:44Soybean farmers
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USDA To Buy $1.2 Billion In American Crops To Offset Tariffs' Impact

1:11A picture of a vintage car in the foreground, with the Hotel Nacional in the background.
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State Department Says Cuba Is Safer Now, But Not Completely Safe

1:00The West Bank
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Trump Administration Will Cut More Than $200M From Palestinian Aid

0:46President Donald Trump
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Trump Admits We're Not Making Denuclearization Progress In North Korea

0:47National security adviser John Bolton
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John Bolton Warned Russia Not To Meddle In US Midterms

0:42China, U.S. Flags
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China Files WTO Complaint Over Latest US Tariffs

0:37Russian ship carrying cargo
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US Slaps Even More Sanctions On Russia

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US Sanctions Myanmar Military Officials And Units

1:35A Russian rocket

Russian Satellite Maneuvers Are Making The US Nervous

0:41American and Chinese flags
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US Trade Talks With China Will Continue In Late August

3:24Former CIA director John Brennan
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Why John Brennan Had (And Lost) His Security Clearance

1:46Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Getty Images / Gokhan Tan

Turkey's Economy Is Struggling, And That's Partly On The US

1:29Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi
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Trump's Iran Sanctions Are Causing Political Pain In Iraq

0:45Palestinian protesters
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NPR: US Will Likely Cut Most Palestinian Aid Permanently

1:04Kim Jong-un
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North Korea Criticized Some US Officials, But Not Trump

0:48Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
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US To Impose Sanctions On Russia Over Nerve Agent Poisoning

0:42American and Chinese flags
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Trump Administration Announces Tariffs On $16B In Chinese Goods

1:11Iranian nuclear power station
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US Sanctions On Iran Snap Back Into Place

0:49European Union flags outside the European Council building
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EU Says It'll Protect Companies Doing Legitimate Business With Iran

1:13Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
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Turkish President Calls New US Sanctions Disrespectful

0:52North Korean nuclear test site
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UN Report: North Korea Hasn't Stopped Its Nuclear, Missile Programs