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Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

The New US Human Trafficking Report Is Bad News For China

The State Department's annual report claims China isn't really working to meet U.S. standards to prevent human trafficking.

  Foreign Policy

1:25President Harry Truman
Harry S. Truman Presidential Library & Museum

Trump's Travel Ban Rests On A 1952 Law That President Truman Hated

1:02President Trump and Ambassador Kislyak
Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Is Russia's US Ambassador Stepping Down? Russia Won't Say

1:19President Donald Trump
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Qatari Spokesman: 'No Good American' Would Allow Sanctions To Continue

1:00Women walking on the streets of Doha, Qatar
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Qatar Receives List Of Demands It Must Meet To End Sanctions

0:57Russian President Vladimir Putin
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Russia Is Giving The US The Cold Shoulder

1:29Donald Trump, Jared Kushner and Benjamin Netanyahu
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Jared Kushner Tries Getting Israel, Palestine To The Negotiating Table

1:22President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un
Getty Images / Korean Central Television

Warmbier Death Pushes Potential Trump-Kim Meeting 'Further Away'

0:40U.N. hq in Geneva
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Cease-Fire Takes Hold In Syrian City As UN, Russia Plan Peace Talks

2:18President Donald Trump speaks in Miami.
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Trump Says He's 'Canceling' Obama's Cuba Policy

1:22Hundreds gather across the street from the newly reopened U.S. Embassy to observe the flag-raising ceremony August 14, 2015.
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US-Cuban Relations Will Soon Have More Than One New Face

President Donald Trump and Cuban President Raul Castro
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Trump's Cuba Policy Calls For Tightening Of Trade, Travel Restrictions

0:42A photo from the aftermath of the brawl between security guards and protesters.
Twitter / @dcfireems

Turkish Presidential Guards Charged Over Violent Brawl With Protesters

1:08President Donald Trump
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Senate Approves Measure Limiting Trump's Power Over Russia Sanctions

0:48Otto Warmbier

US College Student Otto Warmbier Has Been Released From North Korea

1:21A Canadian fighter jet flies over water.
U.S. Navy

Canada Plans To Boost Military Spending, Pleasing Trump Administration

0:57Montenegro's Foreign Minister and a U.S. State Department official
U.S. Department of State

NATO Officially Welcomes A New Member

1:04Russian President Vladimir Putin
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Trump Reportedly Considers Ending Some Hacking Sanctions On Russia

0:59A ground-based interceptor is launched toward a ballistic missile
U.S. Department of Defense

The US Is Flexing Its Anti-Missile Muscles Over The Pacific Ocean

0:55Homeland Security Sec. John Kelly
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Sec. John Kelly Calls Leaking 'Borderline' Treason

1:19A flight test of a missile interceptor
U.S. Department of Defense

The US Is Testing Its Best Chance Of Stopping A North Korean Missile

1:43A Chinese J-10 fighter
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Chinese Planes Just Got Too Close For Comfort, And It's Not A First

1:04NATO leaders meet for summit.
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Trump Reportedly Says Germans Are 'Bad, Very Bad' At NATO Meeting

1:11President Donald Trump.
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Another Court Deals Another Setback To Trump's Revised Travel Ban

1:12World leaders gather together at a NATO summit.
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What Trump And The Rest Of NATO Want From Each Other

1:39President Trump
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Trump Splits From His Cabinet On 'Madman' Kim Jong-Un's Mental Health

0:58A sign hangs on the U.S.-Mexico border
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It Seems President Trump Wants To Keep Moving On The Border Wall

1:02Ekim Alptekin
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Man Behind Flynn's Turkey Lobbying Holds Conference At Trump Hotel

1:09President Donald Trump; President Erdogan
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Turkey Wants An Investigation Into A Brawl Outside Its Embassy In D.C.

0:55Iranians show their fingers dipped in ink, proving that they voted.
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Iran Re-elects The Man Who Helped Implement The Nuclear Deal

1:55President Donald Trump and Pope Francis.
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Why Trump And The Pope's First Meeting Really Matters