President Joe Biden

President Biden's Strategy To End U.S. Hunger Includes More Benefits

President Biden is hosting a conference this week on hunger, nutrition and health, the first by the White House since 1969.

Food and Nutrition

1:36A wheel of baby Swiss cheese is displayed at the biennial World Championship Cheese Contest
Carrie Antlfinger / AP

Why Does Swiss Cheese Have Holes In It?

5:27The World Central Kitchen
Jason Bellini / AP

World Central Kitchen Feeds Millions In Ukraine, But Winter Is Coming

4:29Sen. Dan Sullivan, R-Alaska, gestures to a poster about changes in life expectancy
Caroline Brehman / AP

Why Does U.S. Life Expectancy Rank Poorly?

6:14Food pyramid

What Makes Nutrition Advice Confusing?

6:16A graphic shows a military family receiving financial assistance

Government Takes Steps To Improve Food Security For Military Families

0:27Wendy's restaurant sign.

Wendy's Pulls Lettuce From Sandwiches Amid E. Coli Outbreak

7:10A person shops for milk.

How Social Media Has Fueled The 'Clean Eating' Movement

0:24Baby formula on store shelves
Michael Conroy / AP

U.S. Importing Baby Formula From Mexico To Ease Shortage

7:15Meat in a grocery store
Matt Rourke / AP

Why Do Americans Consume So Much Meat?

2:04Joy Klineberg tosses a lemon peel into a bag to be used for composting
Rich Pedroncelli / AP

Composting Now Required By California Law

2:15A plant-based Italian beef sandwich

Menus Get Makeovers As Alternatives To Meat Grow

0:22A sign sits in front of the Tyson Foods plant in Waterloo, Iowa
Charlie Neibergall / AP

Tyson Recalls 8 Million Pounds Of Chicken Over Potential Contamination

2:37Person packs bread in a bag

KIVI: Nonprofit Cuts Down On Food Waste One Delivery At A Time

3:01A Food Rescue Hero volunteer fills up boxes of produce for delivery
Food Rescue Hero

Food Rescue Apps Helping To Curb Millions Of Pounds Of Waste

0:29A father and child buy candy at a mall
Victor R. Caivan / AP

Federal Guidance Recommends Children Under 2 Avoid All Added Sugar

2:05Man holding plant

How Can We Recycle Food Scraps Into Nutrient-Rich Soil?

1:00A spread of Mediterranean food
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Study Links Mediterranean Diet To Health Benefits In Older People

1:56Before moving onto donuts, KFC trotted out this chicken and Cheetos concoction in June.
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KFC Adds Gluttony To Sandwich Wars, And Columnists React

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New Study Links Soda Consumption To Higher Risk Of Death

2:31Display of candy bars
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Ask The Experts: What's Left When There's No Good Food To Eat?

2:51A woman shops in the produce section at Whole Foods January 13, 2005 in New York City.
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Ask The Experts: The Flaw In Calling Communities 'Food Deserts'

4:53Herbs on a table
Newsy/ Megan Smith

Dream Jobs: Food Stylist

4:22A farmer harvests plants

How Far Can Urban Farming Go To Solve Food Insecurity?

1:38Dairy production facility
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FDA Finds So-Called 'Forever Chemicals' In US Food Supply

0:49School lunch
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USDA Rolls Back School Lunch Nutrition Regulations

1:07Romaine lettuce
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CDC Warns Romaine Lettuce Is Not Safe To Eat

1:28A close up view of iced coffee.
Jess Gambacurta / CC BY 2.0

Caffeine May Not Help Control Appetite After All

2:31A farmers market worker handing an apple to a customer
Pixabay / Pexels

Doctors Are Prescribing Food As Medicine

normanack/ CC BY 2.0

Why Veganism Is Taking Over

1:04French fries
World Health Organization

WHO Has A Plan To Eliminate Artificial Trans Fats In World Food Supply