Faith and Religion

Why Do We Say 'God Bless You' When Someone Sneezes?

Today, the response to a sneeze is mostly an ingrained reaction.

 | By Simon Kaufman and Casey Mendoza

Pope Francis meets indigenous Canadians

Pope Francis Visits Site Of Native Abuse In Canada To Apologize

Pope Francis is on a week-long visit to Canada that centers on an apology.

 | By Mimi Mees and Amber Strong

Pope Francis kisses hand to Canadian Indigenous woman.

Pope Lands In Canada, Set For Apologies To Indigenous Groups

On Monday, the pope is meeting with residential school survivors in Maskwacis, where he is expected to deliver an apology.

 | By Associated Press and Newsy Staff

Bruce Frank, a chair of the Southern Baptist Convention's sexual abuse task force.

Southern Baptists Agree To Keep List Of Accused Sex Abusers

The vote on sex-abuse reforms fell short of what some survivors of abuse in Southern Baptist churches sought.

 | By Associated Press and Newsy Staff

A teacher helps students.

What Schools Are Doing To Cultivate Religious Inclusivity

As diversity across the country increases, schools are looking for ways to be inclusive of all the kids that make up the community.

 | By Amber Strong

Pope Francis in a crowd after finishing Easter Mass

Pope Makes Easter Plea For Ukraine Peace, Cites Nuclear Risk

"Please, please, let us not get used to war," Pope Francis pleaded during Easter Mass.

 | By Associated Press and Newsy Staff

Pope Francis delivers his message in St. Peter's Square.

Pope Steps Up Pleas For Talks To End 'Cruel And Senseless War'

The pontiff reiterated his condemnation of war as barbarous and sacrilegious.

 | By Associated Press

Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff and Rabbi Peter Berg

Rabbi Reflects On Religious Ceremony With Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff

Emhoff held a virtual Passover dinner earlier this year, lit the first menorah in the VP's residence and was the first to affix a mezuzah to the door.

 | By Amber Strong

A woman performing a ceremony

Witchcraft Is Seeing A Major Resurgence Among Younger Generations

New practitioners are drawn to witchcraft for the sense of control it can offer — especially after the chaos of the past couple years.

 | By Casey Mendoza

A real Salem witch tells us what pop culture gets wrong.

A Real Salem Witch Tells Us What Pop Culture Gets Wrong (And Right)

Teri Kalgren educates the public about what it's like to be a modern witch.

 | By Noor Tagouri