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Senate Blocks Proposal To Boost State Election Security By $250M

Senators voted 50-47, but it needed at least 60 votes to pass.


0:45Rep. Ed Royce
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GOP Lawmaker Calls On Trump To Sanction Russia For UK Poisonings

0:59Sen. Claire McCaskill
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Daily Beast: Russian Hackers Targeted Sen. Claire McCaskill

0:33Sens. Cory Gardner, Tim Kaine, Jack Reed, John McCain
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Bill Would Give Senate A Say On Whether The US Can Leave NATO

0:59F-35 fighter jet
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US Defense Bill Would Suspend Fighter Jet Sales To Turkey

1:00Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
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This Candidate's Claim About Unemployment Is Way Off Base

0:38Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows
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House Republicans File To Impeach Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein

1:01Puerto Rico
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Senators Sponsor Bill To Cut Down Puerto Rico's Debt

0:46Rep. Kevin Brady and other Republican leaders
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House Committee Has New Framework For Even More Tax Reforms

3:08Lawmakers sign bill in Wisconsin
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The Shadow Writers Crafting Many Of America's Laws

0:41ZTE logo
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Senate GOP Won't Push To Block ZTE From Buying US Goods

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2 Senators Want To Block Trump's Auto Tariffs

6:50Congressman Kennedy sits down for an interview with Newsy.
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Rep. Kennedy On Trump In Europe: 'A Disaster From Day One'

0:51House Speaker Paul Ryan and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy
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GOP Calls Off Vote On Democrats' 'Abolish ICE' Bill

5:54Amanda Nguyen

Meet The 26-Year-Old Activist Nominated For The Nobel Peace Prize

1:52House lawmakers during joint committee hearing
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Lines Of Questioning At Peter Strzok's Hearing Were Hyperpartisan

2:55Cook County prisoners
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Here's How Some States Are Already Reducing Prison Populations

1:10Brett Kavanaugh
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Justice Department Forming Team To Review Kavanaugh's Records

0:54Sen. Bob Corker
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Senators Vote To Give Themselves A Say In National Security Tariffs

0:36U.S. Capitol Building
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Senate Overwhelmingly Approves Non-binding Motion Supporting NATO

3:21Brett Kavanaugh
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Supreme Court Nominee's Judicial History Under Scrutiny

0:40Lynching photo at museum
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Senators Propose Bill To Make Lynching A Federal Hate Crime

0:44U.S. Capitol building
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Senate-Passed Farm Bill Now Faces Tough Negotiations With The House

1:34Christopher Wray and Rod Rosenstein
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House Judiciary Republicans Aren't Happy With The DOJ And FBI

0:58Sen. Chuck Schumer
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Senate Democrats Want To Vote On Kennedy's Replacement After Midterms

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Is Congress Doing Enough To Stop The Real Killer In The Opioid Crisis?

0:43Rep. Devin Nunes
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DOJ Turns Over Classified Russia Investigation Documents To House GOP

0:31A pharmacist counts OxyContin pills
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House Passes Package Of More Than 50 Bills On Opioid Crisis

1:27U.S. Capitol Building
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House Passes Farm Bill With Controversial Food Stamp Work Measure

0:48House Speaker Paul Ryan.
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House GOP Threatens To Hold Top Law Enforcement Officials In Contempt

1:29A Walgreens pharmacist disposing of OxyContin.
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House GOP Targets Opioid Epidemic Amid Proposed Entitlement Cuts