Rep. Martha McSally

Martha McSally Tapped To Fill John McCain's Senate Seat

McSally's appointment comes a little more than a month after she lost out on Arizona's other U.S. Senate seat.


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Obamacare Ruling Sets The Stage For New Health Care Battle in Congress

1:05Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman
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Saudi Arabia Criticizes US Senate Resolution On Crown Prince

1:16U.S. Capitol
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Senate To Release Report On Scope Of Russian Disinformation Campaign

0:32George Papadopoulos
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Papadopoulos Announces Intention To Run For Congress

0:36Jon Kyl.
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Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl To Resign At The End Of The Year

1:16Jamal Khashoggi
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Senate Votes To Blame Crown Prince For Khashoggi's Death

0:56U.S. Capitol
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Bill Overhauling How Congress Deals With Sexual Harassment Passes

1:31U.S. Capitol
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Senate To Vote To End Military Support For Saudi-Coalition In Yemen

2:25Mitch McConnell addressing the media
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McConnell Agrees to Give First Step Act A Vote Despite Some Pushback

2:38The U.S. Capitol
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Rules Changes In House Work Toward Bipartisanship

1:09Soybean farm
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House Sends Farm Bill To President Trump's Desk

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Partisanship And Budget Reforms Created A Cycle Of Shutdown Threats

1:18Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Vice President Mike Pence, President Donald Trump, Sen. Chuck Schumer
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Trump Threatens To Shut Down Government Over Border Wall Funding

0:51Voting sticker
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Board Of Elections Member Resigns Amid NC Election Fraud Investigation

1:59The Pentagon
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No, Pentagon Accounting Errors Can't Fund Most Of 'Medicare For All'

0:37The U.S. Capitol
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Congress OKs Short-Term Spending Bill To Delay Government Shutdown

3:27Donald Trump at Republican National Convention
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Trump's Past Rhetoric Makes Progressives Nervous About First Step Act

0:57Man works in a food bank.
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House, Senate Leaders Agree On New Farm Bill Without Work Requirement

2:53Donald Trump announces his support for the First Step Act
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Congress May Pass Largest Prison Reform Since '94. Here's What's In It

1:39House Democratic leaders leave a meeting at the White House
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Pelosi Is Dems' Nominee For Speaker But Needs More Votes To Win

0:48Saudi soldiers wearing black ski masks and holding AK-47 rifles
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Senate Moves To End Military Support For Saudi Arabia In Yemen War

0:50Nancy Pelosi speaks at a press conference
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Nancy Pelosi Takes A Step Towards Regaining Speakership

1:10A loot box
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Federal Trade Commission Agrees To Investigate Loot Boxes

2:24House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats
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House Dems Will Likely Re-elect Veteran Leaders

1:05Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.
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House GOP Subpoenas Comey, Lynch To Testify In December

1:01Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi
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16 Democrats Oppose Nancy Pelosi Bid For House Speaker

1:06Sen. Chuck Grassley during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing
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Sen. Grassley Paves Way For Sen. Graham To Lead Judiciary Panel

0:58U.S. Senate Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell
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Mitch McConnell Blocks Bill Protecting Robert Mueller's Investigation

2:19(1944) Pvt. Moy Doo Pon and Pvt. Lee Ben Hong of the 446th Engineer Company are sworn in for citizenship.

WWII Chinese-American Vets Still Lack US Recognition, 73 Years Later

0:56Former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions
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House Democrats Call For Emergency Hearings On Jeff Sessions' Firing