Governor David Y. Ige

Hawaii Made Its Paris Commitment Official — By Signing It Into Law

One law aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions; the other creates a task force that will work to trap and store carbon dioxide.

  Climate Change

1:33EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt
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The Trump Administration's Numbers About The Coal Industry Are Way Off

0:52California pledges to reduce emissions
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They'll Always Have Paris: California, China Sign Climate Deals

2:18President Donald Trump makes a statement in the Rose Garden.
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Does Trump Believe In Climate Change? White House Won't Say

1:07French President Emmanuel Macron
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Here's The Bold Way France Responded To Trump's Climate Deal Exit

1:07The Eiffel Tower
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Some US Cities And States Aren't Giving Up On The Paris Agreement

1:55President Trump stands at a lectern in the Rose Garden.
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World Reacts To Trump's Decision To Withdraw From Climate Agreement

0:59President Donald Trump speaking into a mic.
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The US Is Officially Leaving The Paris Climate Agreement

1:10Chinese Premier Li Keqiang.
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China Is Championing Itself As A Leader In Climate Change

0:52NASA flyover photo of the Arctic
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The Arctic Is Hiding Something That Could Heat Up Earth

1:28Blue Whale in the water
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Blue Whales Weren't Always The Giants They Are Today

1:29Collapsed permafrost
U.S. Geological Survey

Climate Change Is Melting The Arctic Ice Out From Under Our Buildings

1:29The Svalbard Global Seed Vault in the Arctic Circle
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Melting Arctic Ice Jeopardizes Humanity's Plant Backup Plan

0:42Moss-covered region in Antarctica
Matt Amesbury

A Greener Antarctica Isn't Always A Good Thing

1:34Derrick Crowe is a first-time candidate for Congress.
Derrick Crowe for Congress

A 'Science Nerd' Takes On Congress' Top Climate Change Doubter

1:02Townsend's warbler sitting in a tree
Stephen Lester

Climate Change Is Screwing Up Birds' Migratory Patterns

1:13Boulder Glacier
U.S. Geological Survey

There Aren't A Lot Of Glaciers Left In Glacier National Park

0:55For rent sign partially underwater in Fort Lauderdale
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Climate Change Is Accelerating Gentrification In Some US Cities

2:12President Trump on the White House grounds.
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Trump Might Soon Clear Up Confusion Over His Climate Agreement Stance

1:10EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt
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EPA Administrator Pushes For Fewer Scientists On Advisory Panels

0:47Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel
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This City Is Fighting Back Against The EPA's New Climate Change Stance

1:00A crack in the Larsen ice shelf seen from the air

The Probable Fate Of One Of Antarctica's Largest Ice Shelves

1:11Jane Goodall and Ivanka Trump.
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Jane Goodall Said This After Ivanka Trump Used Her Quote

1:07People's Climate March in Washington, D.C.
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Climate March Pushes Back Against Trump Agenda

1:10EPA head Scott Pruitt
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The EPA Just Removed Climate Change Info From Its Website

1:06Bikers on the California coast
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A New Climate Change Prediction Is Bad News For One State

0:54A coal- and garbage-burning power plant
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The United Kingdom Proves It Doesn't Need To Rely On Coal Power

1:08Dried-up river bed
University of Washington

A Shrinking Glacier In Canada Made A River Disappear

1:19Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt
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Trump Administration Could Reverse America's Course On Climate Change

1:05Activists painted the message "Reef in danger" on the side of coal ship in Australia.
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A Suffering Great Barrier Reef Could Hurt Australia's Economy

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Climate Change Could Make Transatlantic Flights Really, Really Bumpy