FDA Makes It Easier For Drug Companies To Produce OTC Naloxone

The agency announced Thursday it's streamlining labeling to encourage drugmakers to develop over-the-counter naloxone products.


0:51U.S. Capitol building
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How Is The Partial Government Shutdown Affecting US Economic Growth?

1:03Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro
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Venezuelan President Proposes Raising Minimum Wage 300 Percent

3:18Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart in "The Upside"
STX Entertainment / "The Upside"

"The Upside" Takes No. 1, While "Aquaman" Passes $1 Billion Worldwide

1:07Auto executive Carlos Ghosn
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Auto Executive Carlos Ghosn Faces New Financial Misconduct Charges

0:59Cars driving in Europe
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Major Automakers Plan Job Cuts

0:53A Sears department store sign
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Sears Gives Chairman A Chance To Revise His Takeover Bid

1:07Wall St. sign
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New Stock Exchange In The Works To Compete With Nasdaq, NYSE

1:09Carlos Ghosn
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Ex-Nissan Chair Carlos Ghosn Claims He's Been 'Wrongly Accused'

1:36Chinese President Xi Jinping
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China Signals It Wants A Deal Ahead Of Trade Talks With US

0:44UK flag and Big Ben.
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About $1 Trillion Is Leaving The UK Because Of Brexit

1:07Exxon Mobil oil refinery
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US Supreme Court Shuts Down Exxon Mobil Appeal

3:25Jason Momoa as Aquaman
Warner Bros. / "Aquaman"

"Aquaman" Looks To Be The First DCEU Film To Cross $1 Billion

0:46Marriott Hotel
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Marriott International Releases New Information About Data Breach

3:00Southwest Airlines Chairman Herb Kelleher
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How The Southwest Airlines Founder Revolutionized Low-Cost Airfare

1:18Wall St. sign
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Stocks Rally On Fed Chair Comments, Strong Jobs Report

1:09President Donald Trump
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US National Debt Rises More Than $2 Trillion Since Trump Took Office

1:03Ford vehicle
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Ford Adds Almost 1M Vehicles To Takata Airbag Recall

1:09A woman looking for job openings
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Analysts Say It's Not A Bad Thing Unemployment Increased In December

1:28Apple store in Shanghai
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What's Really Causing Apple's Revenue Decline?

0:52Vehicles lined up in a row
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Norway Sets World Record For Most All-Electric Cars Sold In 2018

0:55An Apple representative at an event
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Apple Shares Drop After iPhone Fails To Meet Sales Expectations

3:34Jason Momoa as 'Aquaman' and Emily Blunt as 'Mary Poppins'
Warner Bros. / "Aquaman" Walt Disney Pictures / "Mary Poppins Returns"

"Aquaman" and "Mary Poppins Returns" Help Close Record Box Office Year

0:33Verizon logo on a building
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Disney And Verizon Reach Agreement On Contractual Dispute

0:40A CenturyLink employee

FCC Launches Investigation Into CenturyLink's Nationwide Outage

1:13Sears' signs on a building
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Chairman Reportedly Makes Last-Minute Bid To Save Sears

0:52A Wells Fargo sign
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Wells Fargo Will Pay $575 Million To Settle Lawsuits

0:40J.C. Penney signs in a mall
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JC Penney's Stock Drops To 97 Cents A Share

0:42A trader on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange
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Wall Street Roars Back With Historic Gains

1:04Morgan Stanley sign
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Morgan Stanley Fined $10M Over Anti-Money Laundering Program

1:02Numerous Amazon packages
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Amazon's Holiday Sales Were 'Record-Breaking'