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The Volkswagen logo is displayed.

Volkswagen Names Audi Executive To Run US Operations

The company announced Wednesday it tapped Scott Keogh to become president and CEO of Volkswagen Group of America.


0:47CVS sign outside of a pharmacy drive through in Chicago, Illinois, in 2004
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CVS, Aetna Merger Is One Step Closer To Becoming A Reality

0:39A Sears logo is visible on a store.
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Sears Is Reportedly Preparing To File For Bankruptcy

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Comcast Is Now Officially The Majority Owner Of UK Broadcaster Sky

0:57Person interacts with a Starbucks employee at a location in Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C.
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Starbucks To Offer Backup Daycare Options For US Workers

0:53Google sign
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Google Shuts Down Google+ For Consumers

1:32Traders at the New York Stock Exchange.
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Why The Stock Market Boom May Not Impact The Ballot This November

3:27Tom Hardy as "Venom"
Sony Pictures / "Venom"

"Venom" Defies Bad Reviews And Breaks October Box Office Record Anyway

0:54Woman surrounded by boxes of LaCroix
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Lawsuit Alleges LaCroix Is Misleading Consumers About Its Ingredients

1:00People at an airport

Trump Signs Bill Aimed At Regulating Airline Seat Sizes

2:30Man protests cuts to benefit programs
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Your Guide To Medicare And Social Security, Just In Time For Midterms

4:35Chicago Sun-Times Newsroom
Madeline Carl

How This Organization Is Trying To Save Local News

0:48A 'Help Wanted' sign is posted in the window of a New York City business in 2010
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The US Unemployment Rate Is The Lowest It's Been In Almost 50 Years

0:56Three Toyota Prius driving on the road
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Toyota Recalls 2.4M Hybrid Vehicles Worldwide Over Software Issue

1:54U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson
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349 Votes For Higher Taxes? This Hit On Bill Nelson Doesn't Hold Up

0:40Workers pack and ship orders at an Amazon fulfillment center
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Amazon Cuts Some Pay Incentives As It Raises Minimum Wage

3:27Dave Matthews with Spotify logo in back
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When You Buy A Song, How Much Of That Money Goes To The Artist?

0:47Facebook signage
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Facebook Under Investigation By Ireland's Data Watchdog After Breach

0:53General Motors displays an autonomous vehicle during a press conference in 2016 in Detroit, Michigan
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Honda Joins Forces With GM To Create A New Self-Driving Car

0:39Shoppers go into a closing Toys R Us location in Illinois in 2006
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Toys R Us Might Be On The Brink Of A Revival

1:00Airbnb logo
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DC Council Votes To Restrict Airbnb In Washington

0:48Volkswagen symbol
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Volkswagen Fires Jailed Audi CEO Amid Emissions Cheating Scandal

0:33Adam Mosseri
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Instagram's Co-founders Have Named The Company's New CEO

1:41President Trump
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Here's What The US Gets Out Of Trump's NAFTA Renegotiations

0:31General Electric light bulbs
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GE Abruptly Replaces CEO John Flannery

2:02Jud Vaught moves an irrigation system in his cornfield near Whiteland, Indiana. He is a 6th generation farmer.
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Where Is The Farming Industry Headed?

1:01California State Capitol
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California Becomes First State To Require Female Board Members

3:14Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish in "Night School"
Universal Pictures / "Night School"

Hart and Haddish Combine For The Best Box Office Comedy Debut Of 2018

0:50Elon Musk
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Elon Musk To Step Down As Tesla Chairman As Part Of SEC Settlement

1:43President Donald Trump
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President Trump Is Missing Important Context With His NAFTA Claims

1:20Man walking past Petrobras building
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Brazilian Oil Company Petrobras To Pay $853M Over Bribery Scandal