Nation of Makers (Trailer)

Nation of Makers tells the story and motivations behind a toolmaker, an Italian restaurateur and owners of an apothecary-inspired cocktail lounge.


0:47A Domino's pizza
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Domino's To Deliver To Even More Locations — Including The Beach

0:57An Allegiant jet coming in for a landing next to mountains
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Budget Airline Allegiant Calls Out Critical '60 Minutes' Report

1:01Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson
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Black Men Arrested At Starbucks Agree To Meet With CEO

3:23Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in "Rampage"
Warner Bros. / "Rampage"

'Rampage' Barely Takes The Top Box-Office Spot On Crowded Weekend

0:30Toys R Us store
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Toy Company CEO Tries Again To Save Toys R Us Stores

1:15President Trump
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Trump's TPP Talk Gets A Tepid Response Abroad

0:52A U.S. Postal Service letter carrier delivers the mail
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Trump Orders A Review Of The US Postal Service

0:55U.S. President Donald Trump
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Trump 'Taking Another Look At' Trans-Pacific Partnership

1:38Trump signs tariffs
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Ways And Means Committee Holds Hearing On Trump Tariffs

1:15Soda sits on a counter at a bodega in New York City.
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Soda Taxes Might Sway People To Cut Back On Sugary Drinks

2:13The 2013 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival
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Is Coachella's 'Radius Clause' Unfairly Hurting Other Music Festivals?

0:52A Bank of America ATM
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Bank Of America To Stop Lending To Some Gun Manufacturers

1:05Mark Zuckerberg at congressional hearing
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Lawmakers Seem Very Concerned About A Lack Of Transparency At Facebook

1:20Facebook login page
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How Facebook Makes A Lot Of Money Off Your Data

0:31The logo of German pharmaceuticals and chemicals giant Bayer.
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Bayer Acquisition Of Monsanto Gets The OK From The DOJ

0:41Trump speaking at Trump University conference
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Federal Judge Finalizes $25 Million Trump University Settlement

0:39Visa credit cards.
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Major Credit Card Companies No Longer Require A Signature When You Pay

3:11John Krasinski in "A Quiet Place"
Paramount Pictures / "A Quiet Place"

'A Quiet Place' Just Had The 2nd-Best Box-office Debut Of 2018

0:54Ford's 2018 F-150 LARIAT SuperCrew
Ford Motor Company

Ford Recalls About 350,000 Trucks And SUVs For Faulty Part

0:42Donald Trump and Xi Jingping
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China Says It Will Fight Back Against Proposed US Tariffs

0:35Xi Jinping
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Trump Calls For Another $100B In Tariffs On Chinese Goods

0:55Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos
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The President Claims Amazon Costs The USPS A Fortune — Is That True?

0:32A Delta plane
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Several Hundred Thousand Delta Customers Potentially Exposed In Breach

1:00Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
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Facebook Just Rolled Out Some Really Big Privacy Fixes

1:08Cars drive down a highway in Illinois
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Some Automakers Aren't Backing The New EPA Emission Standards

0:57Rupert Murdoch
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Fox Could Sell Sky News To Disney Under New Proposal

3:31Rotterdam port
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The Anatomy Of A Trade War

2:59Tye Sheridan in "Ready Player One"
Warner Bros. / "Ready Player One"

Foreign Box Office Pushes 'Ready Player One' To $181M Debut Weekend

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New Chinese Tariffs Could Hurt The US ... And China

0:44Teacher participates in a walkout.
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Teachers Across The Country Are Threatening To Strike Over Low Wages