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New Zealand Police Minister Chris Hipkins

New Zealand Designates The Proud Boys As A Terrorist Organization

The South Pacific nation also designated far-right extremist group The Base a terrorist organization.

 | By Associated Press

Young boys get off boat in flooded Australian street

500,000 People In Australia Told To Evacuate Due To Historic Flooding

People in Sydney and surrounding areas have been told to prepare to flee floodwaters as torrential rain lashes the Australian coast.

 | By Scott Withers and Associated Press

Satellite view of undersea volcano eruption

Tonga Geologists Observe Undersea Volcanic Eruption

The volcano erupted Friday near the Pacific island Tonga, shooting ash into the atmosphere and prompting tsunami warnings around the globe.

 | By Associated Press

Serbia's Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic In Limbo As He Fights Deportation From Australia

His bid to get around vaccine requirements so he could play in the Australian Open has triggered allegations of special treatment.

 | By Meg Hilling and Associated Press

Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic Denied Entry To Australia, Has Visa Canceled

The Australian Border Force issued a statement saying Djokovic failed to provide appropriate evidence to meet entry requirements.

 | By Associated Press

Sydney Opera House

Australia Won't Be Able To Reach Methane Gas Goal

Scientists say that the country's climate change targets are among the weakest in the developed world.

 | By Newsy Staff

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

New Zealand Sets 90% Vaccination Goal To End Lockdowns

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said vaccine certificates will be required before people are admitted to bars, restaurants, gyms and other businesses.

 | By Associated Press

House surrounded by flood waters in Australia.

Thousands Ordered To Evacuate As Extreme Floods Hit Australia

More than 18,000 people have evacuated their homes and thousands more could be ordered to do the same.

 | By Newsy Staff

Christian Porter

Australian Attorney General Denies Rape Allegation

Christian Porter says he will not resign.

 | By Newsy Staff

Australian Facebook news

Facebook To Lift Ban On Sharing Australian News Sites

The site previously blocked users from sharing Australian news after new legislation.

 | By Newsy Staff

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison sits with a resident who gets a COVID vaccine

Australia Begins COVID Vaccination Efforts

Front-line health care workers and senior citizens will be the first to receive the shot.

 | By Newsy Staff

Front pages of Australian newspapers are displayed featuring stories about Facebook in Sydney.

Tension Still High Between Australia's Government, Facebook

In response to regulations, Facebook blocked all news from appearing on the site in Australia.

 | By Newsy Staff

Front pages of australian newspapers show stories about Facebook on Friday, Feb. 19, 2021

Facebook Blocks Australians From Seeing, Sharing News

Facebook’s move came after Australian lawmakers advanced a law that may become the first in the world to force tech platforms to pay news publishers.

 | By Tyler Adkisson

An Australian Broadcasting Corporation page on Facebook is displayed without posts in Sydney.

Facebook Australia Blocks News Access

Facebook in Australia will no longer show news stories.

 | By Newsy Staff

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Australian PM Apologizes Over Handling Of Parliament Rape Allegation

An ex-staffer says a colleague assaulted her in Parliament House but that her supervisors didn't properly address her allegation.

 | By Newsy Staff

Spectators watch on at the Australian Open tennis championship in Melbourne, Australia.

No Fans At Australian Open Under New Lockdown

The decision came after an outbreak at a quarantine hotel.

 | By Newsy Staff

Face mask

Australian City Locks Down After 10 Months Of No Reported COVID Cases

The city of Perth will shut down after a resident contracted the coronavirus.

 | By Newsy Staff

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Health Secretary Brendan Murphy and Health Minister Greg Hunt

Australia Taking Slow Approach To COVID-19 Vaccine

Australian researchers abandoned development of their own vaccine after it produced false positive results to HIV tests.

 | By Eliana Moreno

Diners are seen in a dining room of popular restaurant in Melbourne, Australia

Australia Extends Ban On Leaving Country

Australia has strict coronavirus measures, and only 30 people in the country are hospitalized with COVID-19.

 | By Newsy Staff

An honor guard is formed at Defence Headquarters in Canberra, Australia

Report: Australian Troops Killed 39 Afghans In "Blooding" Practice

An Australian military investigation found evidence troops killed Afghan prisoners, farmers and civilians as part of a practice called "blooding."

 | By Newsy Staff

Medical staff checks temperature in Australia

Australia: No COVID-19 Deaths for 2 Days

Australia number of new cases also is down, with just 16 reported in 24 hours.

 | By Victoria Jones

Rescue crew members stand with a whale on a sand bar

Australian Officials Rescue 88 Whales From Worst Mass Beaching

Australia officials rescued 88 long-finned pilot whales and they're preparing to dispose of another 380 carcasses that were found beached.

 | By Johannah Grenaway

Supporters of the mosque shooting victims sing outside the Christchurch High Court

Christchurch Mosque Shooter Sentenced To Life Without Parole

He's the first person in the country to ever be sentenced to life without parole.

 | By LeeAnne Lowry

Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison with AstraZeneca vaccine team.

Australia, Drugmaker Reach Deal On Potential COVID-19 Vaccine

Prime Minister Scott Morrison calls AstraZeneca's potential vaccine "one of the most advanced and promising."

 | By Peter Hecht

Cars queue at a COVID-19 test centre in Auckland, New Zealand, Thursday, Aug. 13, 2020

New Zealand Extends Auckland Lockdown After Months Without New Cases

New Zealand was praised for its success in suppressing the virus, but now it's dealing with a new batch of local cases.

 | By LeeAnne Lowry

Cars queue at a COVID-19 test centre in Auckland, New Zealand, Thursday, Aug. 13, 2020

Auckland, New Zealand, Under Lockdown After Months Without New Cases

New Zealand was praised for its success in suppressing the virus, but now it's dealing with a new batch of local cases.

 | By LeeAnne Lowry

An empty street in the Central Business District in Melbourne.

Australia's Second Largest City Back Under Coronavirus Lockdown

A new wave of infections has caused Melbourne to enter a six-week lockdown, with fines of $200 for not wearing a mask.

 | By Gage Jackson

A woman looks out a window from a locked-down public housing tower in Melbourne.

Australia's State Of Victoria Declares State Of Disaster

A disaster declaration went into effect Sunday evening and will continue into mid-September.

 | By Caitlin Baldwin

People wearing face masks to help protect against the spread of the new coronavirus walk outside in Melbourne

Face Mask Rule Takes Effect In Australia's Second-Largest City

Anyone caught not wearing a mask or covering faces a fine of more than $140.

 | By Katherine Biek

Police officers and healthcare workers are stationed outside a public housing tower that was locked down

Australia Tightens COVID-19 Restrictions As Cases Surge

Queensland state will now jail anyone who violates quarantine for up to six months.

 | By LeeAnne Lowry