The Arts

Painting of King Louis XIV

The Male Beginnings Of 'Feminine' Fashion

Gender-specific fashion is historically fickle.

 | By Chance Seales and K.B. Mensah

Stormy Afternoon by Spanish artist Joaqun Sorolla (est. £500,000-700,000) goes on view.

How Art Goes From Concept To Costly

Four main factors come into play.

 | By Chance Seales

Photographer Bill Cunningham smiling and holding a camera in September 2015

Photography Legend Bill Cunningham Dies At Age 87

Cunningham once said, "If we all went out looking like slobs, like me, it'd be a pretty dreary world."

 | By Samantha Crook

American Artist Ellsworth Kelly Dies

Kelly is known for bright colors and minimalist shapes.

 | By Kate Grumke

The Optical Illusion Hidden In The 'Mona Lisa,' Explained

The woman in Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting doesn’t always appear to be smiling, thanks to an artistic technique.

 | By Evan Thomas

Artist H.R. Giger, Mind Behind 'Alien' Artwork, Dies At 74

The surrealist sculptor and painter was known for his nightmarish "biomechanical" style, and was heavily involved with sci-fi and heavy metal art.

 | By Steven Sparkman