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A deer seen through a sight shaped like a heart

Do Hunters Conserve Wildlife?

This debate short is part of a series co-produced by Intelligence Squared U.S. and Newsy.


:51An image of one the lions rescued and moved to South Africa.
Getty Images / Dan Kitwood

Over 30 Rescued Circus Lions Are Moving Into A 12,000-Acre Sanctuary

1:35Kenya's ivory burn.
Kenya Wildlife Service

Kenya Sends Ivory Poachers A 105-Ton, Burning Message

1:08A performer rides an elephant during a live perfomance of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus at Madison Square Garden.
Getty Images / Scott Wintrow

Ringling Bros. Elephants Quit Showbiz, Join The Fight Against Cancer

:58Screenshot of the eagles eating a cat in their nest.
Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania

A Family Of Bald Eagles Ate A Cat For Dinner On A Live Webcam

1:13Humane Society International rescued dogs from a South Korean meat farm.
Humane Society International

Dogs Rescued From Meat Farm Coming To US In Search Of Forever Homes

1:00A girl hugs her dog on the first day of a dog show at the National Exhibition Centre.
Getty Images / Carl Court

Sorry, Your Dog Doesn't Want To Be Hugged

0:55Peacocks shake their feathers during courtship displays to catch the eye of potential mates.
Roslyn Dankin / PLOS One

High-Speed Cameras Capture Exactly How Peacocks Strut Their Stuff

1:07A biofluorescent chain catshark.
J. Sparks, D. Gruber, and V. Pieribone

Want To See What A Shark Sees? This Camera Can Show You

1:17An image from Kenya Wildlife Service of the ivory stockpile set to be burned at the end of April.
Kenya Wildlife Service

Kenya Says Its Plan To Burn 105 Tons Of Ivory Will Protect Elephants

1:17A bull elk is shown walking through the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.
Larry Smith / CC BY 2.0

Elk Make Creepy Shrieks By Whistling Through Their Noses

1:35A shark is shown with its gills prominently displayed.
Leszek Leszczynski / CC BY 2.0

Shark Gills Might Be Why You Can Walk

1:12A close-up of a red-eyed cicada on a leaf.
Nick Harris / CC BY ND 2.0

Get Some Earplugs; The Cicadas Are Coming

1:01Trainer who died after the tiger incident at the Palm Beach Zoo.

Zookeeper Dies After Being Injured By A Tiger

2:39A tardigrade, or water bear, is shown under a microscope.
Frank Fox / CC BY-SA 3.0 DE

Water Bears Aren't As Cute As The Internet Thinks

0:45A chimp puts its fingers through a fence.
Kitty Terwolbeck / CC BY 2.0

A Chimp Escaped From A Zoo And Evaded Authorities For 2 Hours

1:56A small white mouse stands with its paws against the side of a cage.
Giang Hồ Thị Hoàng / CC BY 2.0

Scientists Created Stuttering Mice To Help People Who Stutter

:38Firefighters rescue a cat stuck in a car's fender.
Oceanside Fire Department

Watch These Firefighters Rescue A Cat Trapped Inside A Car's Fender

1:18Inky the octopus escaped from his tank at the National Aquarium of New Zealand.
National Aquarium of New Zealand

Meet Inky: Octopus, 'Curious Boy' And Aquarium Escapee

1:01A cast of red crabs swarms along the sea floor.
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

When Rocks Aren't Rocks Because They're Actually A Pile Of Crabs

:53Woman cuddles with a puppy.
Getty Images / Amanda Edwards

LA's Dog Cafe Hopes To Revolutionize Adoption (And Serve Coffee)

4:05Top 3 Animals: A cat, an alpaca and a baby bear

Top 3 Weird (Yet Adorable) Animal Stories Of The Week

1:08Trap-jaw spiders spring-load their jaws to chomp at prey with blinding speed.
H. Wood / Smithsonian Institution

Blink And You'll Miss This Spider's Bite

1:17This odd-looking, pink-and-white swell shark was captured about a mile off the coast of Los Cabos, Mexico.
Pisces Sportfishing Fleet / Facebook

This 'Alien Fish' Came From The Ocean, Not Outer Space

1:17A 15-foot alligator was captured at Outwest Farms, Inc., in Okeechobee, Florida.
Facebook / Outwest Farms, Inc.

Massive 15-Foot, Cattle-Eating Alligator Killed In Florida

3:39A police office is now looking to deputize a cat, and other weird cat stories from this week.
Newsy Staff / Tori Partridge

Top 3 Head-Scratching News Stories About Cats This Week

1:18The recovery of tigers depends on the survival of their habitat, according to a new study.
Dave Pape

Saving Trees Could Also Save The World's Last Tigers

1:03Bees convey more with threat warnings than researchers previously thought.
Getty Images / Ralph Orlowski

Honeybee Head-Butts Say More Than We Thought

1:08Minke whale

Japan Claims It Killed 333 Whales For 'Scientific' Purposes

1:13A commercial plane lands at an airport.
Getty Images / David McNew

Millions Of Birds Could Be Saved Thanks To This Change By The FAA

1:15A photo of Australian shepherd Blakely with the cheetah cubs.
The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

Dog Brought In To Be Surrogate Parent To 5 Cheetah Cubs