YouTube's Reporters' Center

June 29, 2009
Today YouTube launched the Reporters' Center channel, featuring videos with journalistic advice from the likes of Bob Woodward. As TechCrunch reports, it serves YouTube's interests well "when more and more people take up the habit of filming whatever happens in their neighborhood and upload the videos to the wildly popular sharing site afterwards." YouTube's Reporters' Center is a smart way for YouTube to build up its 'News' category - after all, videos of the Iran protests on YouTube last week had hundreds of thousands of views within a couple of days. Citizen reporting impacted much of the news media's coverage of the protests. Without the citizen-shot videos on the Internet, much of the world might never have seen the extent of the violence occurring on the streets of Tehran, particularly with the media censorship being enforced by the state. The fact that so many people are coming to YouTube to search for news is proof that the future of journalism lies in video. Newsy, which seeks to present the essence of a news story by analyzing various media perspectives, is well positioned to take advantage of this trend.