Wikitree Launches Newsy Videos

By Alexandra Wharton | October 26, 2011


We are excited to announce our partnership with, a curated citizen-generated news site. It's one of the fastest-growing news site in South Korea. 


Every weekday, Wikitree is featuring a Newsy video with Korean subtitles on Wikitree's Newsy page


We are thrilled that Wikitree is one of our first international endeavors - be sure to check out the subtitled Newsy video, 'Obama's Foreign Policy Acheivements, a Relection Boost?' below. 


Newsy is producing videos in a range of foreign languages including Mandarin, Spanish and German. Look forward to Newsy videos with foreign language subtitles as well as with native-speaking anchors. 


Obama's Foreign Policy from NewsyVideos on Vimeo.