Welcome to Newsy.com

October 22, 2008

Newsy.com is up just in time for the election - we believe the ability to easily access multiple news sources in short video clips will advance your understanding of the increasingly nuanced political coverage. We feel that Newsy.com is in the right space at the right time given some recent headlines ... 75% of U.S. registered votes believe that online video is letting them follow the election more closely, online video ads are surging, and engaged viewers of online video pay more attention to content and ads than TV viewers.

A study commissioned by the Associated Press finds that people aged 18 to 34 are bombarded by news - and are looking for quick delivery and quick-scan consumption of the news. This same age group is increasingly getting their news online and on their mobile devices. Newsy.com is the perfect solution. We hope you agree - please provide us with feedback so we can continually improve our videos and site to bring you the best news service possible.