Untangling the Vines — The Impact of Twitter's Video App

January 24, 2013


Seeing and sharing videos on Twitter may soon become the norm. After much speculation due to Twitter CEO Dick Costolo sharing a video through his Twitter account the new app Vine was introduced Thursday morning. Vine is a separate video-sharing app that allows users to create six-second video and share with their friends. The concept is the same as Instagram only with the use of video and sound. 

Many companies have attempted the “Instagram for video” concept but most have failed. If Vine is successful this could be a huge win for Twitter. Due to the lack of apps of its kind, consumer interest in video shooting and editing is unknown.

What you won’t see on the Vine app is any Twitter branding, at least for now. Although the app is not currently built into Twitter’s functionality, you can still tweet a Vine video. And that’s not to say that Twitter won’t incorporate a record button or other Vine functions in the future.

What’s different about the Vine app is the way it is used. Unlike other video-recording apps Vine allows a sequence of videos to be created and looped together. All Things D describes the use of the app in this article:
“...after hitting a “record” button on the app, you hold your thumb on the screen to start filming. Take it off, and the camera stops.  You can use the app to create one straight take, or take lots of little shots, and make digital montages or flip-books...”

Vine is free in the apple app store and is currently only available for use on iPhone or iPod. Twitter says it is working on getting Vine on other platforms as well soon.