This Week's Top Stories on the iPhone

May 12, 2012

newsy, iphone

What do Sharks with Lasers, Mitt Romney, and Jupiter's Moons have in common?  

They are all included in this list of the most popular stories on the Newsy iPhone app from the past week.  It's a diverse and intriguing list of different topics from different categories that is sure to grab your attention.  Enjoy!

1.  Human Flesh Pills Found By Customs Officials

2.  Romney Accused of Gay Bullying as Teen

3.  New Mayan Calendars Discovered: World Isn't Ending After All

4.  Scientist Attaches Laser to Shark

5.  Officials Investigating Soldier's Mid-Skype Death

6.  High School Team Forfeits Championship Rather Than Face Girl

7.  Analyst: Mark Zuckerberg's Hoodie is 'a Mark of Immaturity'

8.  'Ouchless' Bandages That Dissolve into Body

9.  Mission Will Look for Life on Jupiter’s Moons

10.  Time Breastfeeding Cover Stirs Controversy