The Year of the Curator


Newsy is proud to announce that the Newsy app for iPad has beat out CNN and Flipboard to win the 2011 Appy Award for news.



Newsy Wins 2011 Appy Award from NewsyVideos on Vimeo.


Since its launch in 2010, the Newsy app for iPad has garnered praise from the likes of TechCrunch, The Huffington Post and countless others. Within a week of its release, the app climbed to the number 4 spot in the App Store and is currently among the highest rated free news app available (4.5 stars!) 


These accomplishments are not only a reflection the interactive functionality of the visually stunning app, but also of our unique content and editorial integrity. 


Current world events are a constant reminder of the important role news curation is playing in our society. In a recent interview in The Atlantic, NPR strategist Andy Carvin talked about the role curation played in his coverage of the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt. He offered the following insights on the topic of curation: 


"I think curation has always been a part of journalism; we just didn't call it that. Think of the word "media." It's about being in the middle, between the story and the public. The job of a reporter is to capture the most important elements to tell a story, and then go ahead and tell it. Watch any breaking news story on TV and you'll see curation going on. They'll quote sources, pull up clips from wherever, pass along info from pundits, etc. So curation itself isn't new; it's just the way that some of us are doing it online that's fairly new. The tools have evolved, but the goal of capturing a story and turning people's attention to it isn't."


Newsy uses these tools everyday to bring unique editorial content to users on the web and via our award winning apps. New technology offers boundless opportunity to rethink established media practices. Curation has become the preferred method of information transmission as consumers increasingly turn to mix of digital sources for news information. From Twitter, to Google News, users are increasingly searching for diverse content on a given topic. 


Winning the Appy proves once again that Newsy is the future of news - that in the age of curation - we are the go to source for mobile multisource news analysis. If you haven't yet, download the highly rated, award-winning Newsy app for iPad for free in the App Store.