‘The War and Money Project,’ An Interactive Video Experience, Launches Today

By Alexandra Wharton | November 18, 2014
The innovative, viewer-driven project, which explores our world in arms, is the latest from Edward R. Murrow award-winning producer Zach Toombs. The self-directed interactive video experience offers a wide-ranging introduction to military spending in the U.S. and around the world.

The War & Money Project,” a half-hour of non-linear content with explainers for key topics, provides historical context about how the arms race developed over the past six decades. It also examines how U.S. defense spending compares worldwide and how wasteful spending inflates an already huge budget at the Pentagon.

Taking advantage of the online viewing experience in a non-traditional way, “The War & Money Project” builds layers of interactivity and explainer journalism into a video format. It lets viewers explore it in their own unique way — no two users will watch and arrange it the same way. Digital storytelling is evolving and “The War & Money Project” is the bold outcome of our efforts to advance this medium.

“The War & Money Project” showcases a form of storytelling that Newsy helped to pioneer for news with its ‘News Your Own Adventure’ (NYOA) productions. NYOA breaks down topics into easy-to-digest segments and the platform allows the viewer to jump to the portions that intrigue them the most.

In 2012's NYOA productions, News Your Own Debate: The First Presidential Debate  and in News Your Own Adventure: The Romney Tapes, Newsy selected the most important, juiciest and fun segments of the debate and speech (respectively) and users could navigate to watch what interests them most and breeze through the rest.

For the full interactive project, head to your desktop or laptop and go to: