The Need for Multiperspective News

February 3, 2009
As traffic continues to build to, it's eye opening to see which stories are the most viewed on our site. Last week's video 'U.S. Stimulus: Legitimate Differences' struck a chord with viewers - clearly news about economic recovery is on the minds of many. It's a challenge to feel well informed on issues, especially partisan issues, from watching only one news source. After all, the Gallup annual Governance poll found that less than 50% of Americans have a great deal or a fair amount of trust in the mass media. And nearly half of Americans -- including over 75% of Republicans and 65% of Democrats -- perceive the media as biased. The Newsy format is perfect for a story about partisan politics. in less than 3 minutes, you understand how media outlets from around the country and world are covering the story - so you can make your decision.